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One of the facts of life, when you’re travelling independently, is that you often have to transfer money to local tour operators in advance to secure your place, whether that’s for a complete holiday or a day trip. But what assurance do you have if circumstances beyond your control force you to change your plans?

The current global crisis has had a sobering effect on all of us who love travel and has possibly made us wary of committing financially to anything, even if we’re planning for the future when everything returns to normal.

Blue Sky Wildlife is an online marketplace, based in the UK that connects the independent eco-tourist with reliable local wildlife specialists from over 35 destinations worldwide, including Worldwide Traveller Protection for wildlife holidays.

White-StorksPhoto credit: Inglorious Bustards, White Storks

Our unique platform offers the traveller choice and flexibility, and the chance to make a direct enquiry to a local wildlife specialist you might not have known about otherwise. And let’s face it, who is better placed to organise your dream wildlife holiday than someone in the country you want to visit who lives and breathes their market!

However, in these uncertain times, you may prefer not to invest even a deposit in a faraway part of the world without the reassurance that your money is protected.

Blue Sky Wildlife is a member of The Travel Vault and as part of this membership we have a range of insurances in place to cover the potential insolvency of any of the local wildlife specialists listed on the site, and ourselves if Blue Sky Wildlife were to cease trading.

Payments made directly to Blue Sky Wildlife, acting on behalf of the local wildlife specialist, whether an initial deposit and subsequent balance payment for a set departure tour already live on the site, or a bespoke wildlife tour agreed directly with the wildlife expert, will all be covered by this arrangement. As long as it is processed and paid via Blue Sky Wildlife, it will be protected.

So, if you are dreaming of your next wildlife adventure but concerned about protecting your investment if you book in advance, Blue Sky Wildlife can offer that protection for wildlife holidays booked from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world!

The small print

Blue Sky Wildlife’s insurance can only cover those wildlife tours booked and paid for in full via Blue Sky Wildlife. We cannot offer our guarantee for a direct enquiry that translates into a direct payment from the traveller to the local wildlife expert. For more information, please refer to our booking terms.

Originally Published: 23 Mar 2020
White Storks

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