Mongolia Wildlife Tours

Mongolia is known as the crossroads of Central and East Asia and it produces unique flora and fauna. With its variety of natural habitats including Siberian taiga forest, rolling steppes, Gobi Desert (4th largest in the world) and Altai Mountains. Mongolia offers many sought after bird species including Altai Snowcock, Daurian Partridge, Demoiselle Cranes, Cinereous, Bearded & Himalayan Vultures, Saker and Amur Falcons, Upland Buzzard, Oriental Plover, Pallas’s Sandgrouse, Henderson’s Ground Jay, Kozlov’s Accentor, Grey-necked and Godlewski’s Buntings. The most sought after mammal species are Snow Leopard, Pallas's Cat, Argali, Siberian Ibex, Przewalski's Wild Horse, Mongolian Gazelle and more. Contact a local wildlife specialist below to book your next wildlife tour to Mongolia directly.
Mongolia Wildlife Tours
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