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Integrated within a wildlife tour operator or company listing page are Wildlife Reviews.  Reviews which can be made by holiday makers who have experienced a tour or safaris first hand with that particular company and monitored by Blue Sky Wildlife to ensure authenticity.

But What is Unique?

Unlike any other review platform, Blue Sky Wildlife Reviews has been designed for the wildlife industry and covers a number of feedback criteria’s not previously captured by existing review platforms.

Wildlife tourists have an opportunity to rate a company’s quality of Tour.  What were the tours like, did they receive what was promised in the brochure, online and sold by the company?  What about the wildlife?  After a 14 day tour, did they see the wildlife promised or did they leave feeling a bit disappointed? Quality of guides is an interesting one.  The guides may be accredited, knowledgeable and experienced however if they unable to communicate clearly in the language of the tourist then how will their insight be appreciated by the tourist?

Conservation is an area of growing importance, particularly for those seeking an eco-tourism experience.  How does the wildlife business live up to their conservation claims?  Within the collection of tour operators and companies listed are a number of breath taking locations.  Should this key element of an experience be included?  And finally, value for money which is subjective as it is up to an individual regarding what value they would put on seeing one of the rarest species in the world.

Based on the average across the selection review criteria, an overall score is automatically calculated with the classic title and summary of the wildlife experience.

However, it is the accumulation of all individual Wildlife Reviews that will rate each tour operator and company so that in time wildlife enthusiasts will have the ability to search by ratings, to easily identifying those companies offering the best wildlife tour by either interest or experience type.

Chris Larsen
Blue Sky Wildlife Team

Originally Published: 31 Jan 2019

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