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At Blue Sky Wildlife, we connect photography enthusiasts with local specialists who have many years of experience in creating tailor-made day trips and photography holidays in some of Europe’s most stunning hotspots for wildlife photography. Not only do you get the chance to improve your camera technique in what can be a challenging but very rewarding discipline, but you can meet like-minded people.

Here are some popular wildlife photography holidays in Europe, along with some single-day visits as well.

1). Above and Below Photography Trip, Yorkshire Coast Nature, England

This day trip to one of Britain’s most beautiful counties is organised by Yorkshire Coast Nature, and it includes a photography workshop that is led by Steve Race. He is an award-winning wildlife photographer who will inspire you as you get up close and personal with seabirds, including puffins, diving gannets, fulmars and razorbills. To complete the perfect scenery for your take-home images, you can take advantage of the stunning backdrop of the 400ft cliffs at Bempton and Flamborough Headland. The sea caves will also give you the opportunity to capture some memorable shots, and with more than 200,000 seabirds in the area, you are unlikely to go home disappointed!

Local Wildlife Specialist Tip

Know Your Subject: To get up close to wildlife you need to learn about your subject. Take in to consideration their behaviour such as call, habits and when most active. The welfare of the animals is far more important than any photograph. This must be your top priority and is one reason why you need to know your subject well.

Steve Race

wildlife photography holiday in EuropePhoto credit: Northern Gannet, Steve Race, Yorkshire Coast Nature

2). Red Deer Rut Photo Workshop, Salva Fauna, France

This is a popular two-day mountain-based photographic tours in the beautiful French Alps, located close to Briançon. The photography holiday focuses on the rut of the majestic red deer, and the breathtaking photographic opportunities that arise when the males of the species are involved in fierce confrontations for mating rights. Day one is all about capturing these animals at sunset, and after a good night’s sleep in the B&B, day two begins at 5am for the chance to take photos of the deer with a sunrise backdrop.

Red Deer Photography Workshop in FrancePhoto credit: Red Deer, Jonathan Guillot, Salva Fauna

3). Birds and Bears Photo Tour, Discover Danube Delta, Romania

With almost 300 different species of birds waiting to be photographed alongside bears in their natural habitat, the Brasov-Siblu area of Transylvania is the setting for one of the most popular wildlife photography holidays in Europe. This region of Romania boasts forests, marshlands, lakes and meadows, with the Carpathian Mountains providing a truly stunning backdrop for further landscape photography.

This trip includes a moderate amount of trekking involved, but your reward will be a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with brown bears in Europe – you may even be able to photograph these majestic animals on snow. Chamonix antelope and wall creepers will ensure that you get the very best shots from this wildlife photography holiday in Romania. This full-board trip includes transfers between Bucharest and Brasov, three nights’ accommodation, and day tours of Transylvania by car.

bear photography tour in romaniaPhoto credit: Brown Bears, Discover Danube Delta

4). Vultures Photo Tour, Barcelona Birding Point, Spain

This trip is perfect if you want to combine vulture spotting and a photography masterclass with a separate visit afterwards to one of Europe’s most beautiful cities or the South-West of France – all hides are located within three hours of Barcelona International Airport. It is available as a one-day or two-day workshop with a beautiful backdrop of The Pyrenees, and you will be looking out for a wide variety of vultures and kites, including the griffon vulture, Egyptian vulture, Eurasian black vulture, and both black and red kites.

Vultures Photo Tour BarcelonaPhoto credit: Carles Oliver, Barcelona Birding Point

5). Personalised Wildlife Photography Holiday, Bunica Maria, Romania

This trip to the delta of the River Danube in Romania can be tailored to your exact requirements, and it consists of a number of different birdwatching tours that also offer photography opportunities. All of these can allow you to not only hone your camera skills for animal shots, but to also provide you with a unique landscape photography experience as the Danube runs through some of Europe’s most striking countryside. Your expert guides will ask for your feedback before planning routes for the following day, so you really feel that the whole holiday has a personal touch.

Wildlife Photography Holiday in RomaniaPhoto credit: White-tailed Eagle, Lorenzo Sestieri, Bunica Maria

For all of these wildlife photography holidays in Europe, you can rest assured that the activities will be led by experienced guides who are knowledgeable about both wildlife photography and local wildlife. For both seasoned photographers and beginners, we can put you in touch with local specialists that will create a holiday for you that will take your hobby (or indeed your profession) to the next level.


Are you interested in a wildlife photography holiday?  Check out our complete list of local wildlife specialists worldwide here.

Originally Published: 8 Feb 2020
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