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Your Custom Birdwatching Day Trip - 1 Day

Your Custom Birdwatching Day Trip

Want a birdwatching daytrip in North Wales that is custom-made just for you? We can offer you your perfect tailormade day's birdwatching.
Perhaps there are specific locations you'd really like to explore? Or maybe there are special bird species you'd like to look for? Would you like a wader ID day to get to grips with confusion species? Or maybe you'd simply like to take your time and enjoy a leisurely day watching birds with time for a nice lunch too. A custom birdwatching trip gives us the chance to tailor the day so that it is perfect for you.

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North Wales is a wonderful location for birdwatching with a huge range of species and habitats packed into a small area. A custom birdwatching daytrip is the perfect introduction to enjoying birds in North Wales at any time of year; we know the best locations for each season and can share with you the special birds and mammals each of these habitats has to offer. The variety of landscape within the compact area of North Wales gives us the chance to visit lagoons and estuary, deciduous woodland and coniferous forest, water meadows and salt marshes, coastal cliffs and sandy beaches, mountains and moorland, all in one bird-packed guided birdwatching day.

Not sure where you’d like to start? Perhaps you might like to take a look at our set departure daytrips vising The Best of North Wales, the Best of Anglesey and the Day on the Dee for an idea of where we regularly run our daytrips. We would be happy to run any of these scheduled itineraries on a daytrip just for you on a mutually-agreed date. Or if you have a specific bird, date or destination in mind, just let us know and we will craft an itinerary for you to give you the best possible chance of seeing your target bird. If you have a particular date in mind, a birthday perhaps, then we’re happy to suggest what areas and species will be particularly good at your chosen time of year. Just make your suggestions and leave the rest to us! Of course, we will always bear in mind the weather and tide conditions as well as the latest bird news in case there are any special birds around at the time to look for.

If you are visiting the area, we are happy to make suggestions of place to stay that have been tried and tested by our birdwatching guests, and if you are staying in or around Llandudno or Conwy towns, we’re happy to offer you a door-to-door service on the day. While our set departures begin by meeting at 8am at RSPB Conwy Nature Reserve, on your custom day we have the flexibility to start at a time and location that suits you.

We’ll spend our day visiting several different birdwatching locations before stopping for lunch. We have a great knowledge of the best cafes and tearooms in the area so we can always find a delicious place for lunch. Alternatively, if you want to bring a picnic lunch, we know some pretty special picnic spots too. Our afternoon will be spent visiting a few more birdwatching locations before we return you to our meeting point by 5pm.

As this is your day, we can go at a pace to suit you, either covering as many different places as possible if you’re looking to build a big bird list for the day, or alternatively going at a relaxed place with time to stop and gaze or enjoy a cuppa or two, if you’d rather take things more slowly. You decide!

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  1. Great Birding Experience with Great Guides
    Walter and Carol Muth07 May 2019







    We are enthusiastic birders but had never been in Wales. We arrived by ferry, our only equipment our binoculars. Alan and Ruth picked us up and soon we were seeing the birds we had always wished to see: the Orange-billed Chough! Not just a glimpse, but a pair of them doing their digging behavior! Alan and Ruth knew the perfect spots to visit so that we saw all sorts of birds. They had a 'scope for each of us, always focused on the bird we wanted to see. We stopped at the Conwy RSPB Center where there were great trails and a break for hot chocolate. Rocky cliffs and tidal estuary, warblers and seabirds, it was a wonderful day. We look forward to a return. Alan and Ruth's knowledge of the birds and birding sites, their attention to our interests and their kindness to us as first-time visitors to northern Wales all made us feel at home. Thank you, Alan and Ruth!

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Your guides

Alan Davies and Ruth Miller are the experts to offer you the perfect guided birdwatching daytrip in North Wales. With many years’ experience in running popular guided daytrips throughout the year, we know just where to go for the best birds. Alan has written the acclaimed “Best Birdwatching Sites in North Wales” guide to the region, and we are also always in touch with the latest bird news so we can look for any special birds that may be in the area. Ruth has written two popular books on birdwatching and tearoom walks in North Wales, so we really have all bases covered! Our luxurious but rugged 4x4 vehicle ensures that we can get you to all the best birdwatching locations in comfort, and we have our top-of-the-range optics with us at all times to give you superb views of the birds. We believe in taking our time to enjoy good looks at all the birds we encounter and we’re happy to answer any birding questions during the day to give you the best possible experience on your Birdwatching Daytrip. But most of all, we believe that birdwatching is to be enjoyed and you can expect a bird-packed and fun-filled guided birdwatching daytrip with us!

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