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Tasmania Wildlife Tour, Australia - 4 Days

Tasmania Wildlife Tour, Australia

Wildlife and Birdwatching in Tasmania

This 4-day Tasmania Wildlife Tour, Australia which is moderately paced available on request featuring the landscapes, wildlife, and birdlife in the northeast corner of the island. This tour includes two unique nocturnal wildlife experiences with campfire dinners. As many of Australia’s marsupial species are nocturnal, an after-dark tour best showcases the local wildlife’s true behaviors.

During this Tasmania Wildlife Tour, Sit beneath the eucalypts and as daylight fades, experience the excitement and magic as nocturnal creatures appear from the bushes and trees to seek their nightly feed on our Canopy Capers tour.

The craggy alpine peaks of Ben Lomond National Park and it’s Tolkien landscape is a memorable destination. We will also take time to relax, enjoy a campfire dinner and hang out with the local forester kangaroo mob. After dark, up to another five species of marsupials will join you or graze close by in this Tasmania Wildlife Tour.

We visit inland waterways to view the elusive and fascinating platypus, rails, and waders. In our travels around the backroads of north-east Tasmania there are always roadside discoveries like echidnas and reptiles in the warmer months.

In this Tasmania Wildlife Tour, We travel to Mt. William National Park where long white beach strolls are on offer and home to over one hundred bird species. Bushie and Ben use their local knowledge when visiting the beautiful flora and fauna rich landscapes of north-east Tasmania to supply specialist birding experiences. The regions coastal heathlands, lush pastures, diverse forests, and waterways are home to numerous bird species.

A sixty-minute tour at Trowunna Wildlife Park allows you a captivating meeting with the Tasmanian devil and spotted-tailed quolls and other species. The quality guides at Trowunna are keen to share their passion and knowledge on the parks furry and feathered residents. Platypus House in the beautiful Tamar Valley also offers a quality and informative tour to meet two of the world’s three monotreme species, the platypus and short-beaked echidna during this Tasmania Wildlife Tour.

In 0ur Tasmania Wildlife Tour, Your accommodation in northeast Tasmania is Beulah Heritage Accommodation in Scottsdale. This boutique bed and breakfast has two queens and one twin king single ensuite room. The room configurations allow us to accommodate up to six passengers on tour and utilising two 4WD vehicles and guides.

This Tasmania Wildlife Tour can be a short-break fully guided tour away from a longer self-drive tour of Tasmania. Or maybe a quick visit from mainland Australia to fly in and fly out for the experience. We are happy to provide or organise pre and post-tour transfers from and to the Launceston Airport or Launceston city.

Tasmania Wildlife Tour highlights include:

  • Campfire dinner and after dark forest experience to see wildlife appear on the forest floor
  • Mt William National Park’s long white beaches and Ben Lomond National Park’s Tolkien landscape
  • Campfire dinner with the forester kangaroos and nocturnal wildlife tour
  • Sixty-minute private tour at Trowunna Wildlife Park to meet Tassie devil and quoll species
  • Private charter tour which allows flexibility with program options

If you’d like to try an alternative tour, look at what this Tasmania Wild Tour, Australia has to offer.

Alternative Tour Name: Bushies Feathers, Fur & Forests
Day 1
Pre-tour - Arrival

Self-drive to Scottsdale or Pepper Bush transfer from Launceston city or Launceston Airport. Relax to an in-house home cooked meal in readiness for the start of your four-day Tasmania nature tour.

Overnight: Beulah Heritage B&B

Dinner: In-house at Beulah

Or self-drive or Pepper Bush transfer to Scottsdale on the morning of day 1

Day 2
Day 1 – Birding and Canopy Capers

Morning: 10.00 am depart to spend a morning and afternoon visiting known bird habitats in north-east Tasmania at waterways, tall forests with undergrowth, open native eucalypt forests, plantations, farmlands and rolling hills. These areas are home to wrens, honeyeaters, robins, whistlers, parrots, thornbills, raptors, waterfowl, waders, fantails and many more. Eleven of Tasmania’s twelve endemic species are known to habitat north-east Tasmania. Picnic lunch.

Campfire dinner - Be treated to a campfire dinner of local produce, prepared, and cooked on site. The 3-course dinner will be seasonal and will include premium Tasmania produce accompanied by Tasmanian beverages - Food restrictions and allergies must be advised.

After Dark Enchantment - As the sun goes down, hear the chuckling of kookaburras, and take an enchanted walk under the stars for an understanding and appreciation of wildlife movements in the Tasmanian bush. Experience the excitement and magic as nocturnal creatures appear from the bushes and trees. Sit beneath the eucalypts and as daylight fades see the strongly arboreal ringtail possums emerge above from their dreys seeking their nightly meal. Wait quietly and the brush-tail possums wander past in search of some tasty bush offerings. Follow your guide on a nocturnal walk-through local bushland to explore the many nocturnal wonders of Tasmania’s native forest with brush-tail possums peering down from high in the trees and hear the bumps of the night as the Bennett’s wallabies & pademelons go about their business.

Overnight: Beulah Heritage B&B

Dinner: Campfire dinner on tour

Day 3
Day 2 – Ben Lomond National Park & Nocturnal Wildlife Tour

Depart your accommodation 10.00-11.00 pm (seasonal) - visit Ben Lomond National Park, a spectacular mountain of dolerite columns and scree slopes and home to eight of the twenty highest peaks in Tasmania. Awesome views and a magnificent array of alpine vegetation are on offer. Ben Lomond plays an invaluable role in regional wildlife conservation and is the highest drivable point in Tasmania.

We travel the backroads through the Roses Tier forests to arrive at the Tyne Valley for your campfire/wildlife experiences.

Campfire dinner - with the forester kangaroos as your dinner companions, enjoy the ambience of campfire dining with a 4-course dinner consisting of Tasmanian tasting platter of cheeses and smoked meats followed by wallaby mountain burgers and native spiced salmon with dessert to finish. Settle back and relax with a Tassie beer or wine and watch the sun set and see our field of dreams come alive.

The Wildlife - You will be delighted and enchanted while sitting by the campfire as the wildlife appear at dusk. Forester kangaroos, eastern quolls, Tasmanian pademelons and brush-tail possums feed near the campfire while Bennett’s wallabies and wombats graze close by. At times, platypus, tawny frogmouths, bandicoots, and owls can also be viewed. Return to your accommodation at Scottsdale 7.00-11.00 pm (seasonal)

Overnight – Beulah Heritage B&B

Dinner – Campfire dinner on tour

Day 4
Day 3 – Mt William National Park – Birding or Hiking

A flexible day of exploring the far north-east corner of Tasmania with beach walks, wildlife, and birdlife. We can structure this day tour to suit your interests whether it be birding, hiking, or sightseeing.

Departing Scottsdale around 9.30-10.00 am we visit Little Blue Lake - a natural phenomenon resulting from the regions alluvial tin mining and pioneering days. Originally a mining hole, the lake reflects a vivid aqua blue from the minerals in its base. Leaving Blue Lake, we travel to Mussleroe Bay where the Mt William pelicans often hangout before the short drive to Mt William National Park.

Mt William National Park - features sparkling waters and granite boulders covered with bright orange lichen, long sandy beaches and clear blue seas with bird and wildlife species throughout. Take a stroll along the beaches, at times, lunch with the Bennett’s wallabies and the many resident bird species. After lunch an optional 60-minute return walk to the summit of Mt William is on offer for 360-degree views of the park. The Park is home to forester kangaroos & wombats and wedge tail eagles are often viewed soring overhead with echidnas being a frequent roadside find.

The Park is home to forester kangaroos & wombats and wedge-tail eagles are often viewed soring overhead with echidnas being a frequent roadside find. Return to Scottsdale late afternoon and enjoy an in-house dinner at Beulah Heritage Accommodation

Overnight – Beulah Heritage B&B

Dinner – Campfire dinner on tour

Day 5
Day 4 - Trowunna Wildlife Park & Platypus House

9.00 am depart Scottsdale to travel to Trowunna Wildlife Park for a sixty-minute private tour where you can walk amongst the Forester kangaroos, cuddle a wombat, and meet the Tasmanian devils and spotted-tailed quolls.

Leaving Trowunna we have a café lunch and travel to picturesque Tamar River and Platypus House. See platypuses and echidnas and be amazed by these unique animals in daylight conditions and in an indoor setting.

End of tour Services at Launceston 4.00 pm

Launceston accommodation and dinner own arrangements

Wildlife species expected to see:

Birds and wildlife viewed are reliant on how much time is allocated to a particular species. Below are species that are known to habitat our tour destinations in north-east Tasmania.

Day 1 – Inland local waterways
Platypus – numerous species of waterfowl, herons, egrets, coots, cormorants, and black swans; Australasian and hoary-headed grebes; purple swamp hens and Tasmanian native hens

Day 1 – Birding & Pepper Bush Canopy Capers
Numerous woodland birds, brush-tailed possums, Tasmanian pademelons: After dark birds – tawny frogmouth, southern boobook

Day 1,2 & 3 – Birds in north-east forests and coastal scrubland areas
Brown quail, wedge-tailed and white bellied sea eagles; swamp harriers, brown and grey goshawks; sulphur-crested cockatoo and yellow-tailed black cockatoo; spotted and straited pardalote; black-headed, crescent and new holland honeyeaters; spotted quail-thrush, olive and golden whistlers; grey currawong; skylark, Richard’s pipit, beautiful firetail, robins and finches; silvereyes and bassian thrush
Endemics: Tasmanian native hen, green rosella, dusky robin, Tasmanian thornbill, scrubtit, Tasmanian scrubwren, yellow wattlebird, yellow-throated honey eater, strong-billed honeyeater, black currawong, migratory species

Days 2 & 4 – Roadside discoveries
Platypus, short-beaked echidna, emu, Cape Barron goose & reptiles in the summer months

Day 2 – Pepper Bush wildlife venue
Forester kangaroos, bare-nosed wombats, Tasmanian pademelons, Bennett’s wallabies, brushtail possums, eastern quoll; Tasmanian native hens and woodland birds

Day 3 – Mount William National Park marsupials & seaside birds
Bennett’s wallabies, Tasmanian pademelons, wombats, gulls, and Australian pelicans; terns & oystercatchers

Day 4 – Trowunna Wildlife Park & Platypus House
Tasmanian devil, spotted-tailed and eastern quoll, rescue raptors, platypus, echidna

What is included?

  • Accommodation – ensuited boutique bed and breakfast - queen or twin king singles rooms
  • WIFI at B&B only
  • All lunches and dinners and beverages while on tour
  • Private air-conditioned 4WD vehicle and knowledgeable guide
  • Park entry fees
  • Activities as specified on the itinerary

What is not included?

  • Mobile/cell phone reception may not be available in some tour areas
  • Pre and post tour transfers from and to Launceston Airport/Launceston City. Organised at extra $
  • Personal expenses such as souvenirs, laundry, phone calls etc.
  • Travel insurance
  • Flights
  • Laundry
  • Anything that is not mentioned in the itinerary and "what is included"
Wildlife Reviews
5 stars
- based on 2  reviews
  1. Amazing, Once in a Lifetime Tours
    Mike and Karlene Moore19 Dec 2018







    My wife Karlene and I just spent 4 days touring Tasmania with Craig of Pepper Bush Adventures. The experience was the best wildlife adventure we have ever experienced and that includes trips to Alaska, Africa, the Galapagos Islands and Iceland. Craig has a deep knowledge of the fauna, flora and wildlife that is unprecedented. As a 6th generation Tasmanian his knowledge of the bush is deeply interconnected between the ecosystems and why the wildlife thrive there. Pepper Bush can take you anywhere in Tasmania, but they have two dedicated properties that must be included in your plans. Craig cooked dinners over an open fire grill in the bush that rivaled the meals of any celebrity chef - 5 star. Then as night came we were immersed in wildlife as they came out to feed. Topping it all off Craig and his family are genuinely nice people. We just finished our 4 days and we are already talking about coming back to create more adventure with Pepper Bush!!
  2. Tasmanian magic
    James and Mia Hope21 Jul 2017







    We are just completing a 5-week tour of Australia, and our few days with Craig and Ben are the highlight. Our daughter Isabella has never given 10/10 to a guide before. Hugging kangaroos and seeing quolls at Craig's cabin was magical. And we saw 5 platypuses at a lake just outside Scottsdale. It was all wonderful -- many thanks!

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What are the group sizes that you take on tour?

Generally, our group sizes are 2 to 6 people private charter groups. On request we can take larger groups

What sort of vehicles do you use?

We use comfortable 4WD vehicles, mostly Toyota Prado vehicles

What sort of accommodation can we expect?

We use a boutique bed and breakfast, Beulah Heritage Accommodation in Scottsdale

Is there any flexibility in pricing for budget travellers?

Pepper Bush Adventures is not a budget operation but for more budget conscious travellers, programs can be shortened to reduce prices. Or please enquire if there are any discounts on offer – standby or off-season. A 4 person departure is the best value.

What distances are travelled on this tour?

Our base at Scottsdale in the heart of north-east Tasmania is well situated. There are 60-minute journeys to most of the sites that we visit. But a 2-hour travel distance to Trowunna Wildlife Park

Can you cater for special dietary requirements?

Some dietary requirements are catered for e.g., vegetarian, gluten free etc. But they must be advised at the time of booking

Do you have programs for families or take children on tour?

Programs can be adapted for families. But due to the long days and nocturnal tours, we prefer children to be 5 years and over

Is there a limit of luggage that I can bring?

In a group of 3 people or more, there is a luggage limit of 1 large and 1 small item

What clothing should I bring?

Tasmania’s weather can be unpredictable, so it is best to come prepared for all seasons

Payment and cancellation

We do not take a deposit, but full payment is required 30 days prior to the tour departure date. Cancellation within 30 days of the tour departure date results in 100% cancellation fee

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Tour Facts

  • North-east Tasmania
  • On Request
  • Multi-Day Tour
  • Wildlife
  • 2 to 6 pax
  • 4 days
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  • 13+ years
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