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Slovenia Floating Hide Bird Photography Tour - 5 Days

Slovenia Floating Hide Bird Photography Tour

Floating Photo Hide & Birdwatching Tour in Slovenia

A 5-day Slovenia Photography Tour which is leisurely paced available on request using floating hides to focus on birding.  Slovenia is a European country with a geographical position in the far north of the Mediterranean and in the far south of Central Europe. It borders on 4 countries, in the west with Italy, in the north with Austria, in the northeast with Hungary, and in the east and the south with Croatia. It lies at the junction of the Alpine, Mediterranean, Pannonian, and Dinaric worlds. The area of 20,273 km2 is classified as a medium-sized European country.

Slovenia is a European country and provides many new interesting photo footprints. Through the lens, we can capture a diverse landscape, a varied animal selection and many natural features. According to the international criteria of Green Destinations, Slovenia is the first country to become the green destination of the world. As mentioned earlier, it lies at the junction of the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Karst and the Pannonian world.

In one day, we can take a photo of the sunrise on the top of Slovenia's highest mountain - Triglav and the sunset at the sea. We can also be a tourist for half a day in Ljubljana, while the other half is spent waiting for the best bird photo. Despite its small size, Slovenia is characterized by a large variety of animal species, which depends on the diversity of the environment and vegetation and the geological past. Only a small proportion of species are known to live on our territory.

In this Slovenia Photography tour, you will be able to watch estimates from 2000, around 19,000 species of animals are to be found on the continent, marine animals are poorly researched. Subterranean animals are interesting because of the way of life and not so much variety, only a few species are known. Styria is the largest Slovenian region, divided into Upper Styria and Lower Styria.

The central vein of Upper Styria is the Drava river flowing between Kozjak in the north and Pohorje on the south side. The Lower Styria is the area around the Savinja river. Pohorje is a more than 1,500-meter-high natural oasis with forests, waterfalls and precious peat bogs. Styria is also known for its Drava and Ptuj lowlands and wine-growing hills.

One of the important complexes of the compact lowland mixed forest and standing waters on the outskirts of the Drava lowland is the Rački ribnik - Požega landscape park in the surroundings of the Rače municipality. The park is a living space for rare and endangered plant and animal species - which is not meant only on the regional and Slovenian scale. There are over 210 species of birds, 50 species of dragonflies and 12 species of amphibians present. Therefore, you can capture more than 200 bird species in your lens on this Slovenia photo tour, a third of which will also be nesting in this park.

Slovenia is a single word for local, authentic, unique, experiential, boutique, sustainable green. Floating hide tours is a unique experience that will make you experience the country in your own way. Floating hide was invented by bird photographers. It brings you a unique chance to get very close to some of the very shy waterbird species. Getting on the eye level of the bird is a dream of every photographer and with this kind of photography, this is possible.

Shallow lakes of Northeastern Slovenia are full of interesting water birds present all year round. From spring to autumn it is possible to float with our hides. You will be guided to some of the best birding areas in the country and try to get some shots of very elusive species. It is not the easiest way of photography but shots, in the end, are definitely worth all effort. Sometimes you just enter the water and birds just wait there for you but also sometimes you have to have a lot of patience. With stable MrJan Gear hides and gimbal heads mounted your equipment is going to be safe. Providing neoprene fishing boots will do its job to keep you warm on colder days.

Slovenia Floating Hide Bird Photography Tour Highlights:

  • Slovenia is one of the smallest countries in Europe but it is one of the richest with its biodiversity. No matter the size of the country we have a lot of different habitats with forests being present in the greatest amount. This is the reason we have a very long list of birds. Many of them are very endangered.
  •  Pohorje plateau is stretching close to the city of Maribor. The highest peak is around 1500 above sea level. Capercaillie & Black Grouse are two rare species that inhabit these forests. Pygmy Owl & Tengmalm's Owl are two of the rarer owl species but can often be seen very close to each other here. Some woodpeckers are present there. The most interesting and quite common is the Three-toed Woodpecker. Other common bird species are for example Black Woodpecker and Nutcracker.
    • The small size and heavily diversified landscapes of Slovenia make this country an excellent place for birding. Forests cover more than half of the country’s surface and are home to some of Slovenia’s most sought-after species.
    • We have possibilities for a variety of different birding tours all year round. You can choose how many days you want to come, you can make your own species list and let us now to make out the best possible tour and you can also combine a birding tour with some bird or brown bear photography.
    • Using a Floating Hide or a Hidrohide is one of the best ways to watch, observe and take pictures of birds living on or next to the water.

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Alternative Tour Name: Summer Birding Tour with floating hides

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5 Days

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  • Slovenia - Styria Region
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