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Satipo Road and Colibri Cloud Forest Tour - 5 Days

Satipo Road and Colibri Cloud Forest Tour

This 5-day birding tour is considered equal to the more famous Manu Road. This trip is packed with endemics and up to 40 species of hummingbirds. This trip is arguably as good as, but cheaper than Manu Road.

Day 1
Day 1 - Alto Pichita Reserve above San Ramon for Creamy-bellied Antwren, Maybe Chestnut-crested Cotinga. Oxapampa, Antenna road in late PM. Cloud forest Screech-Owl

At Alto Pichita above San Ramon we should find Tanager flocks, Cremy-bellied Antwren, Chestnut-crested Cotinga, Lanceolated Monklet, Inca Flycatcher, Peruvian Tyrannulet, Cinnamon-faced Tyrannulet, Blackish Pewee and Scarlet-breasted Fruiteater. In the afternoon we reach Ulcumare Lodge in Oxapampa where we shall do some additional birding and look for Cloud-Forest Screech-Owl.

Day 2
Day 2 - Antenna AM. PM. Oxapampa-Satipo road. Night in Satipo

If accessible we shall do the Antenna road, often it isn't. If not we shall bird around the lodge to start. Targets include Olive-tufted Flycatcher, Andean Guan, Scaly-naped Parrot, Black-winged Parrot, Barred Parakeet, Sword-billed Hummingbird, Amethyst-throated Sunangel, Chestnut-breasted Coronet, Collared Inca, Pasco (Oxapampa) Rufous Antpitta, Bay Antpitta, Chestnut-crested Cotinga, Yellow-scarfed Tanager, Grass-green Tanager, Lachrymose Tanager, Peruvian Wren, Strong-billed Woodcreeper, and more.

Midmorning we shall drive on the new Oxapampa-Villa Rica road.There is remarkably good birding along this road. Birds seen here include: White-capped Tanager, Golden-headed Quetzal, Long-tailed Sylph, Olivaceous Greenlet, Bay Antpitta, Red-throated Caracara, White-winged Becard, Blue and Black Tanager. Around midday we will reach Villa Rica that has a splendid view over Laguna Oconal, which will be explored for Least Grebe, Blackish Rail and Wattled Jacana. We continue in the afternoon to Satipo passing through coffee plantations that provide additional possibilities. Night in Satipo. Hotel San Luis.

Day 3
Day 3 - Satipo road to Apaya

Targets: Blue-browed Tanager, Russet Antshrike, Lanceolated Monklet, Rufous-sided Crake, Lemon-browed Flycatcher, Umbrellabird, Fasciated Tiger-Heron. Chestnut-crowned Gnateater, Hairy-crested Antbird (foothill form), Peruvian Piedtail. Afternoon birding the mid section of the road to Apaya village with Peruvian Tyrannulet, Cinnamon-faced Tyrannulet, Versicolored Barbet, Solitary Eagle, Black-and-Chestnut Eagle, Crested Quetazal, Torrent Duck, Deep-blue Flowerpiercer. Night in Apaya at the communal basic guest house.

Day 4
Day 4 - Andamarca valley. Return to Apaya

Early morning start for Andamarca valley. The climate is warmer and drier here. Many new species to science have been found here in recent years such as Black-spectacled Brush-Finch, a new Thryothorus wren and a new Thornbird. There may be more surprises. Since habitat is so different many species will be added to the list. Possibilities include Andean Ibis, White-winged Black.Tyrant, Black-backed Grosbeak, Golden-billed Saltator and others. Night in Apaya at the communal basic guest house.

Day 5
Day 5 - High altitude birding for Eye-ringed Thistletail, Millpo Tapaculo and Fire-throated Metaltail

Birding Carrizales in the morning for Fiery-throated Metaltail, Eye-ringed Thistletail, obscura form of Rufous Antpitta, Pardusco, Tchudis and Millpo Tapaculo, Golden-plumed Parakeet and more.

Return to Lima via Ticlio pass. Lots on highland birds en route. Don't schedule international flights from Lima airport before 11 PM. Plan your international flights accordingly. Best perhaps to add a night in Lima. If you continue with our Santa Eulalia and Marcapomacocha extension we will spend the night in Chosica. Cost: $45 for hotel and dinner.

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5 Days

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