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Red Deer Bellow Trip in Spain - 1 Day

Red Deer Bellow Trip in Spain

Spanish Red Deer Bellow Tour in Asturias

A full-day red deer tour in Asturias, Spain is an immersion into the mid-mountain areas where forests and wildlife have coexisted with husbandry and farming for centuries. Isolated and depopulated areas are perfect outposts for wildlife spotting and nice walks through a clean atmosphere that mosses and lichens approve.

According to phenology, every year during the fall, biological life changes come up. It is time for changing weather, colourful tree leaves, and migratory birds. Asturian forests are home to, among others, the largest wild herbivorous animal within Iberian peninsula: reed deer. September and October are, indeed, such part of the year when one of the most breathtaking acts of the wildlife takes place: the deer’s bellow (la berrea). The great deer, in the peak of their sexual tension, demand females presence using their bellows, which makes them easy targets to be located and identified.

Their bellows are especially intense during wet and thin rain (orbayu) days in shrub fields and thick Asturian forests. Early in the morning or either late afternoon we drive and walk across the territory engulfed by two different natural parks.

Wildlife is the goal of this Red Deer tour in Spain, however, we will introduce the cultural heritage and local manners to you too: landscape, ethnography, anthropology, wildlife local perception. Time for local delicacies tasting and a coffee break is guaranteed! You can also try with natural cider or local wine...

Once we move into the mountains wildlife interactions can be expected therefore we must be ready for birding and scope wolves, wild cats, and pine marten. Some amphibians are still active too. Our Fully Licensed Official Guides by Principality of Asturias are, in fact, evidence of the company responsible, and will be close to you to let you know, escort you, and answer your questions.

None of our tours are demanding nevertheless we provide with tailor-made tours according to fit level: can go walking or hiking, you decide.

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Alternative Tour Name: Deer bellow
Day 1
The Deer Bellow

Deer bellow goes on along some weeks in September and October when males hold largest antlers and females attend and gather among the bush.

Deer bellow tour starts at your accommodation, and after less than an hour we reach the parking place. Once we have everything we need to walk and wait for the animals we proceed to move to our upper base camp. It takes 45 minutes by walking(other itineraries are available). Upper basecamp is a small crop surrounded by forest and our wildlife sight-seeing spot. Guide will introduce you to local habitats and landscape interpretation but focusing on red deer. As soon as the sun sets we walk down back to the river in order to drive you to your hotel where the tour ends.

Red Deer (Cervus elaphus hispanicus) is the largest wild herbivorous animal within the Iberian peninsula however little smaller than the northern Europe red deers. Males can weight 160 kg (females 100 kg) and height 2,20 m (females 1,95 m). Specie has gender dimorphism and only males hold antlers after the first year. This Iberian deer is maneless animal what makes it unique. Deers roam in search of food across the valleys, through the forests and along the mountain slopes but they mainly feed on herbs by the woods edges and plant life transition areas.

What is included?

  • Licensed official guide
  • Transportation
  • HD Swarovski Telescope
  • Binoculars

What is not included?

  • Meals
  • Anything else not mentioned in “What is included”

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Why book with Geoface?

Geoface is a small, local Asturian company that supports responsible tourism and research. We are all licensed Official Guides with more than 20 years experience in active tourism on both national and international destinations.

Why visiting Asturias for a red deer tour?

Asturias has protected one third of its land since 1918 and currently is home or either visited by over 70% of all Spaniard birds, 350 brown bears, large deciduous forests and just a few inhabitants. Mountain ranges span along 300 km, quite close to the coastline therefore local and very different habitats offer a myriad of chances for wildlife spotting. Red deer bellow comes every year together with fall when landscapes become colorful and summer visitors have gone. Cozy accommodation and supreme gastronomy are guaranteed.

What kind of activity is a red deer tour with Geoface?

Reed deer tour is a guided tour focused on reed deer bellow, to listen and to spot the animals. Deer habitats are nested on the mountain slopes we reach by walking so tour provides you with an immersion in local nature highlights while exercising. We do not hide but use HD optical tools from a safe certain distance in order to reduce impacts. Meals are usually somewhere out there right because our visited deers grounds are located in gorgeous and astonishing places.

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1 Day

Price & Availability

EUR90 / per person
This tour is operated by: Geoface

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Tour Facts

  • Redes Natural Park, Ponga Natural Park and Piloña
  • On Request
  • Full Day Trip
  • Mammals
  • 4 to 6 pax. maximum
  • September, October
  • Moderate
  • English, Spanish
  • Asturias Airport
  • Asturias Airport
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