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Peru Amazon Wildlife & Birding Tour - 5 Days

Peru Amazon Wildlife & Birding Tour

Experience the Manu Area of Amazon Peru

This 5-day Peru Amazon wildlife and birding tour is a moderately-paced trip available on request to the private Tambo Blanquillo Reserve in the buffer zone around Manu National Park. On this trip to experience Amazon wildlife and birds you can expect to see more than 500 species of exotic birds, dozens of types of reptiles and exciting mammals, including even wildcats!

On our guided Peru Amazon wildlife tour we will introduce you to the stunning Peruvian Neotropics, where the very best nature watching can be enjoyed. We will visit some of the most renowned bird and wildlife watching sites in Tambo Blanquillo such as our 140ft tall Canopy Observation Tower. There are three oxbow lakes within our reserve plus our one and only Tambo Blanquillo macaw clay lick.

You can look forward to searching for the elusive Ringed-tailed Manakin in the dense primary forests around the lodge where the iconic Harpy Eagle is also resident and sloths are regularly encountered. Atmospheric jungle paths lead deep into these 'terra caliente' habitats to immerse you in the Amazon rainforest experience.

There is also a chance to spend an evening in a wildlife hide just five minutes away from your accommodation, where Ocelots, Tapirs, Peccaries, Spix Guans and Speckled Chachalacas, amongst many others, regularly come to feed. With luck a Jaguar or even a Puma pack will put in an appearance too. At a nearby oxbow lake (Blanquillo) White and Black Caimans are regularly seen very close inshore as they chase the fish in the shallow waters. There is so much Amazon wildlife to enjoy each day on our Manu tour.

You will love our accommodation on this Peru Amazon wildlife tour as much as our nature-watching facilities at Tambo Blanquillo. Rooms are in lovely traditional yet rustic private suite bungalows with very comfortable furniture. The excellent breakfasts and evening meals are focusing on local produce brought from the Tambo Blanquillo garden to the table. The bar also has a wonderful selection of Pisco brandies from around  Peru, so you can enjoy a wee dram or two in the evening as you catch up on our checklist of Tambo Blanquillo's birds!

Peru Amazon Wildlife & Birding Tour Highlights include:

  • Tambo Blanquillo's nature attractions:
    • Macaw clay lick
    • Blanco, Blanquillo & Camungo Oxbow Lakes
    • A 35-mile trail system for wildlife-viewing and birdwatching
    • Canopy Observation Tower
    • Two mammal clay licks
  • Views of Giant Otters
  • Red-and-green Macaws by the dozen, as well as other parrots, parakeets and parrotlets
  • View of sloths and up to eight different primate species
  • Encounters with large tropical mammals such as Brazilian Tapir, Peccaries, Capybaras, and wild hogs
  • Dozens of reptiles, salamanders, iguanas and many butterflies & insect species

For more exciting birdwatching and mammal watching please take a look at our Manu Wildlife & Birding Tour, Peru on which we also offer a night's stay at the Cloud Forest, the ideal location to view Spectacled bear, Golden Quetzal, and Peru's national bird, the Andean Cock-of-the-Rock.

Alternative Tour Name: Manu Pure Amazon Wildlife Adventure
Day 1
Day 1- Pick-up from CUZ or PEM Airport / Arrival to Lodge

04:00 AM- Pick-up by guide at Hotel CUZ / Board van + Land transfer to Manu via Manu Road / 07:00 AM- Box Breakfast at Marcapata Village / 07:45 AM- Traverse through Manu Road / 11:30 AM -Arrival to Puerto Carlos Town / 11:45 AM- Crossing River Inambari / 12:00 PM -Land transfer to Colorado Village / 01:15 PM- Board Tambo Blanquillo Boat / 01:30 PM- Box Lunch & birdwatching- wildlife stops while navigation through rio Madre de Dios / 05:30 PM Arrival at Tambo Blanquillo Lodge / 05:45 PM Welcome drink & facilities briefing / 06:00 PM Room distribution, shower & unpacking / 07:00 PM- Dinner / 08:00 PM- Night excursion or ‘caimaneering’ / Day bird list & species runthrough / Leisure time at Bar / Bed-time

Day 2
Day 2- Catamaran ride at Blanco Oxbow Lake / Visit Macaw 'Clay Lick'

04:30 AM Boat ride + small trek departure to Macaw ‘Clay Lick’ / 05:30 AM Quiet arrival to blind at Macaw ‘Clay Lick’ / 05:30 AM- Set-up and patient wait for bird activity / 07:00 AM- Breakfast at hide / 10:30- 11:30 AM Head back to Tambo Blanquillo lodge / 12:30 PM -Arrival at lodge & shower / 01:00 PM Lunch / 01:45 PM- Humming bird observation at lodge gardens, recreation and relaxation or nap till heat decreases for afternoon activity/ 02:45 PM- Visit to Blanco Oxbow Lake / 5:00 PM- Departure from Blanco Oxbow Lake to Tambo Blanquillo Lodge / 06:00 PM -Arrival to Tambo Blanquillo Lodge & shower / 07:00 PM- Dinner / 08:00 PM- Night excursion or ‘caimaneering’ / Day bird list & species runthrough / Leisure time at Bar / Bed-time

Day 3
Day 3- Canopy Observation Tower Visit / Visit In-Land Mammal 'Clay Licks' (2)

06:00 AM- Breakfast at Tambo Blanquillo Lodge / 06:45 PM- Boat ride & departure to Camungo Oxbow Lake & Observation tower / 07:20 AM - Arrival and ascent to platform at Camungo Observation Canopy Tower / 08:00 AM- Descent Canopy Observation Tower & small trek to Camungo Oxbow Lake dock / 8:30 AM -Board and catamaran ride navigating Camungo Oxbow lake for wildlife & bird watching activity / 11:30 AM - Trek & boat ride back to Tambo Blanquillo Lodge / 12:00 PM- Arrival at Lodge & shower / 01:00 PM- Lunch / 01:45PM- Hummingbird observation at lodge gardens, recreation and relaxation or nap till heat decreases for afternoon activity/ 02:45 PM- Small trek & visit to Blanquillo Oxbow Lake or Mammal ‘Clay Lick’ (s) / 05:30 PM- Arrival to Tambo Blanquillo Lodge & shower / 07:00 PM- Dinner / 08:00 PM- Night excursion or ‘caimaneering’ / Day bird list & species runthrough / Leisure time at Bar / Bed-time

Day 4
Day 4- Visit Canopy Observation Tower / Visit Camungo Oxbow Lake

06:00 AM- Breakfast at Tambo Blanquillo Lodge / 06:45 PM- Boat ride & departure to Camungo Oxbow Lake & Observation tower / 07:20 AM - Arrival and ascent to platform at Camungo Observation Canopy Tower / 08:00 AM- Descent Canopy Observation Tower & small trek to Camungo Oxbow Lake dock / 8:30 AM -Board and catamaran ride navigating Camungo Oxbow lake for wildlife & bird watching activity / 11:30 AM - Trek & boat ride back to Tambo Blanquillo Lodge / 12:00 PM- Arrival at Lodge & shower / 01:00 PM- Lunch / 01:45PM- Hummingbird observation at lodge gardens, recreation and relaxation or nap till heat decreases for afternoon activity/ 02:45 PM- Small trek & visit to Blanquillo Oxbow Lake or Mammal ‘Clay Lick’ (s) / 05:30 PM- Arrival to Tambo Blanquillo Lodge & shower / 07:00 PM- Dinner / 08:00 PM- Night excursion or ‘caimaneering’ / Day bird list & species runthrough / Leisure time at Bar / Bed-time

Day 5
Day 5- Departure Day / Drop-off at CUZ or PEM Airport / Hotel

04:00 AM Early wake-up / 04:30 AM Board boat and ride via rio Madre de Dios / 06:30 AM- Box Breakfast / 08:00 AM- Arrival to Colorado Village / 08:15 AM- Land transfer to Punkiri Village / 09:30 AM- Crossing rio Inambari / 09:45 AM- Board van & transfer to CUZ / 06:00 PM- Arrival to CUZ & drop-off at Hotel or Airport


*This program is similar in escence to our 4D/5N- Manu Express itinerary with day 5 as an add-on to provide flexibility and repeat visit to nature attractions (example: Day 4)

*Inorder to depart via CUZ additional fee (per 3 pax) should be added

*Arrival via PEM is an option. You must consider book overnight lodging at PEM in order to be ready at 7:00 AM for pick-up

* Visit to our nature attractions & itinerary activities can vary depending of parties interest, guide recommendation or subject to weather conditions. If you wish to see an in-depth itinerary or list of species related to each activity contact us.

*Arrival at CUZ should happen around 06:00 PM, depending on traffic conditions

Wildlife species expected to see:

Red-and-green macaw, Chesnut fronted macaw, Rufous-breasted hermit,  White-bearded hermit,  Reddish hermit,  long-tailed hermit,  White-browed hermit,  Rufous-crested coquette,  Golden-tailed sapphire,  Ple-tailed barbthroat,  Blue-crowned trogon    Orange-cheeked parrot, Blue-headed parrot,  Yellow-crowned parrot,  Mealy parrot,  Crested owl,  Amazonian pygmy-owl,  Great potoo, Common potoo, Sand colored nighthawk, White-collared swift,  Jabiru stork, Roseate  spoonbill,  Horned screamer,  King vulture,  Ornate hawk Eagle,  Harpy Eagle,  Red-throated caracara,  Hoatzin,  Gray-necked wood-rail,  Pale winged trumpeter,  Wattled jacana,  Yellox billed tern,  Amazon kingfsher, Green and rufous kingfisher,  Purus jacamar,  Bluish-fronted jacamar,  Chesnut-eared aracari,  Cuvier’s toucan,  Crimson-crested woodpecker,  Red-necked woodpecker,  Black-banded woodcreeper,  Ple-legged hornero,  Black tailed leafscraper,  Screaming piha, Purple-throated fruitcrow, Lesser kiskadee,  Greater peewee,  White banded swallow,  Black-capped donacobius,  Orange-headed tanager,  Masked crimson tanager,  Opal-rumped tanager,  Russet-backed oropéndola.
White Caiman, Black Caiman,  Titi- Monkey,  Brown Capuchin Monkey,  Brown Howler Monkey,  Squirrel Moneky,  Spider Moneky,  Three-toed sloth,  South American Taramandula,  Tayra,  Giant Ant-eater,  Peccary, Capybara,  Brazilian Tapir,  Salamanders,  Frogs,  Vipers,  Iguanas,  Agouti,  Giant Armadillo,  Red-brocket deer,  Giant otters,  Bats,  Squirrels,  Weasels,  Ocelot,  Oncilla,  Jaguarundi,  Margay,  Jaguar,  Puma.

What is included?

  • All accommodation or lodgings based on double occupancy
  • Single Occupancy available for additional charge/cost
  • Professional [English or bi-lingual/ tri-lingual] guide (s) and support staff
  • Specialist guide fees
  • Local transfers and all ground transport throughout the trip/tour/safari according to the selected program
  • Entrance fees to all National Parks, Nature Reserves, Nature Attractions and/or use of Hides where applicable
  • All meals including water
  • Snacks throughout the trip/tour/safari
  • All activities as specified within the tour itinerary
  • Personalized checklists
  • All Applicable Taxes

What is not included?

  • All international or domestic airfares, or
  • All flights unless otherwise indicated
  • Visa Fees (if applicable)
  • Travel & Medical Insurance (incl. personal equipment & repatriation)
  • Airport departure taxes or visa fees
  • Items of personal nature or,
  • Items of personal nature (incl. binoculars and telescopes)
  • Excess baggage charges
  • Optional trip/tour/safari extensions where applicable
  • Tips & gratitudes
  • Any alcohol drinks, soda pop, bottled drinks or extra beverages
  • Anything that is not mentioned in "what is included"
Wildlife Reviews
5 stars
- based on 1  reviews
  1. Beautiful Jungle Experience
    Henry Book14 Dec 2019







    We had a great time at Tambo Blanquillo. Our tour guide Darwin was very good and made our visit special. Very capable, close to nature, it is fun to be with him. The staff is very friendly, helpful and friendly, making the whole experience very special. The bungalow accommodation is very comfortable and the food is great. Great location in the middle of the jungle. Tambo Blanquillo nearby wildlife viewing spots are very close, which means we have a lot of places to see, and there is a lot of time to relax. A very special place to stay.

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Why should I book with Tambo Blanquillo?

1. 25 years of experience tailoring unique Amazon Safaris & birdwatching experiences 2. Authentic Private Amazon Reserve with untouched mega-diverse forests 3. Best installations for wildlife observation & birdwatching 4. Unique naturally active fauna hotspots (Macaw 'Clay Lick', 3 Oxbow Lakes , 2 in - land mammal 'Clay Licks' , Canopy Observation Tower

What kind of weather should I expect in Tambo Blanquillo?

Mostly hot and humid, between 22° C (71.6 F°) and 30° C (80 F°). There are a lot of sunny days but this is the Amazon Basin and rains are unpredictable even in the dry season (April-November). It’s not unusual that also during this season a drop in temperature called “friaje” occurs for three or four day’s patterns. This phenomenon is unpredictable and it’s due to cold winds that come from the Patagonia.

Do I need to take Malaria pills, or get vaccinated against Yellow Fever?

This is not mandatory, but you can if it will make you feel comfortable. However, we can say that we haven’t had a case of either Malaria or Yellow Fever since we stablished the Private Reserve over 20 year ago. The main reason is that Manu is not a densely populated area. Towns and even local villages are very apart and mosquitos don’t travel that far and also have a very short life span.

Why don’t we accept kids younger than 10?

At Tambo Blanquillo, we pride ourselves with not having had a single serious accident since we established ourselves. Due to the high curiosity levels and little danger-awareness of most kids, we don’t accept them in the Lodge if they are younger than 10 years, as accidents are prone to happen. Recent information disclosed by researchers indicate that the skins of nonnative infants below ten years old exude odors that attract mosquitos if introduced to an area where normally there is the presence of these insects and make most of the repellents almost useless including the ones that contain 'deet'.

Why do we recommend being flexible with the start date of the programs?

By being flexible with the start date of your trip, we might be able to pair you with another groups, allowing you to share the boat, and giving us the chance to give you the lowest price possible. This is mostly important for groups of three, two and one pax.

What happens if I want to stay less or more days?

We do not recommend travelling for less than four days due to high transportation and fixed costs plus a very poor return for your money regarding fulfilled expectations. Yes, you and/or your group can stay for more days and do the same attractions as many times as you wish and also our trails. Just let us know to give you a quote on the customization of you program.

Why do we ask you to sign a Liability Waiver?

You are aware that the programs that we sell are about no ordinary tours to a zoo or park attraction. They are to a highly unpredictable environment which is the amazon/basin. Inherent risks are involved that can’t be predicted or forecasted in advance. First aid assistance, safety protocols and evacuation procedures are covered by us but we can’t cover all the costs that an unfortunate accident might cause to our clients. We think that it’s reasonable that clients have their own health and accident insurance (reason for the waiver). Besides the liability waiver we place more emphasis into our client’s judgment and awareness guidelines of our guides, staff and also signs posted in the lodge and in our trails and facilities.

Why do we recommend finishing your trip in Puerto Maldonado (PEM)?

The journey from Tambo Blanquillo to Puerto Maldonado is much closer than the one to Cusco, and after a few days in the jungle, we guarantee that you will be happy but quite exhausted. A 10 hours journey up the Andes on your way to Cusco is not as nice as it might sound, especially if you have done that route on your way in the Amazon Basin.

Which planes should I take? Which Flight Schedules do you recommend?

Our departure points are located in Cuzco (CUZ) and Puerto Maldonado (PEM) Departures from CUZ (urban area) are at 4:00 am for the Manu Express and Pure Adventure and 6:00 am for the Complete Manu. So it's almost sure that you will have to sleep in CUZ or its vicinity. Note: The departure location is your designated hotel in Cusco (you have to provide this info). Any departure outside the urban area of CUZ (like the Sacred Valley) has to be requested and quoted in advance. Departures from PEM imply that at this moment (February 2019) there are no early flights arrivals to PEM meaning that you have to arrive the day before and expect pick up the next day at 7:00 am also from your designated hotel (you have to provide this info). NOTE. - ALWAYS CHECK FLIGHTS IN ADVANCE FOR DEPARTURES! Our returning Points: The returning points for any of our programs including the custom made ones are also Cuzco (CUZ) or Puerto Maldonado (PEM). If you or your party choose to be dropped off at the end of your program in CUZ (urban area) expect to arrive around 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm on the same day of departure from Tambo Blanquillo Lodge. If you wish your departure outside of the urban area (like the Sacred Valley) please ask for a quote. If you decide it is PEM the drop-off point, expect to arrive around 1:00 pm the same day of your departure from Tambo Blanquillo Lodge. We can take you to designated hotel (urban area) or to the airport to catch flights leaving after 2:50 pm. Any drop off outside the urban area of PEM will be quoted separately.

What kind of clothing should I wear while at Tambo Blanquillo?

The weather in the Amazon Rainforest is very hot and wet. We highly recommend you invest in some durable waterproof and breathable materials. Below is a list of the clothing items we recommend you to take on your journey with us. Rain jacket & pants. The kind you put on top your everyday clothing. Rubber boots – Can be bought cheaply at the CUZ or PEM street-markets. Specially for the rainy season (December-April). Walking boots we found very useful and a spare pair of trainers for evening. It is essential that the clothes (including nightwear) you take are quick drying and high wicking otherwise they absorb water and remain damp throughout your stay. You will find very useful to bring: - Waterproof normal hiking shoes (a must) - T-shirts. Long or short sleeve avoid white color scares animals, (insect repellent type are perfect but a bit hot) - Long sleeve light shirt to wear opened on top of short sleeve T shirts. Old cotton dress shirts are perfect - Light long pants (insect repellent are perfect) we don’t recommend shorts or bermudas - Light and foldable wind breaker (if possible water proof in case of rain) - Socks (insect repellent are the best but long sport socks will work) - A good torch is essential for early mornings and evening walks in the jungle, specially head hold light - Hat or cap if possible with ear flaps (A must) - Bandana or neck protection - Sunglasses - A light winter jacket or turtle neck in case of “friaje” (See Q&A #1) - Insect repellent time release sweat proof type. Sawyers is our favorite with low deet contents. They carry also a repellent that has no deet called PICARDIN

Can I get help with my laundry if necessary?

LAUNDRY: Enjoy your time in TB every minute of it. Even at night or in the mid-day recess. The Room Staff is more than willing to do your laundry for free. Even in rainy weather they will have a jean dry up in four hours max. We have a big sauna that works with drift wood and works any time there is something to dry. We just ask you to tip the person accordingly. Of course, don’t expect any ironing or less pressing. Just plain old time folding. Don’t do your laundry on the showers or lavatories, you will have a real mess afterwards, your clothes will still be dirty and add to that; angry roommates and staff.

How many bags should I take?

One bag per person is recommended, due to space availability in our boats. However, you can bring another bag and/or backpack with you, for personal items and camera equipment. We highly recommend the use of water resistant and heavy duty duffle-bags.

What resources would you recommend for Birds in Peru?

Thankfully, when it comes to Birds, there is a single guide that contains all of the species found in Perú, the Field Guide called “Birds of Perú” by Princeton Field Guides. This Field Guide can be found in Amazon. If you decide to purchase it somewhere else, please make sure you are getting the update version, as there were several revisions in the first version.

What about Tipping/Gratuities in Tambo Blanquillo?

Is it mandatory to tip in Peru? Please bear in mind that in Peru there is no obligation to Tip, but it’s customary to do so in the leisure business, specially if you spend time with the provider of the service. You will have one guide throughout the whole trip. However you might have more than one driver throughout your trip, depending on your itinerary. The most important are the boat drivers (you will expend more time with them). Tip accordingly. How much should we tip? This depends on how you enjoyed the trip, and how you asses the effort put by the staff to make sure you had a great time. We recommend the following: • USD50 per person, to the guide. In its equivalent (exchange rate of the date) in Peruvian soles. • USD50 per person, to the entire Kitchen and Room Staff. In its equivalent (exchange rate of the date) in Peruvian soles. • USD50 per person, for the boat drivers and porters. In its equivalent (exchange rate of the date) in Peruvian soles. How to proceed: The best way to tip, is to talk to your guide the night before leaving the premises, so he can arrange the Kitchen, Room, Ground, and Boat staff to be present. In the case of the Guide, we recommend you wait until the last point of the tour (the airport, your hotel, or a previously discussed destination). Please, if you wish to tip someone more than the rest, we recommend you do this privately.

Paying inside the Tambo Blanquillo?

Tambo Blanquillo’s offers a small souvenir shop and also a bar. The Bar offers a variety of National cold beers, national and international wines, and the best Pisco Sours east of the Andes. At the moment, we only accept payment by cash when purchasing in the bar, and this need to be done in Soles (S/.). Please, keep in mind that we might not have change if you pay with large bills (S/.100 and S/. 200). We recommend our visitors to bring around S/.350 in bills of S/50, S/20, S/10. This should cover all the extra expenses for an average tourists inside our Lodge. If you are spending soles at our Bar, don’t you dare to miss Leandro’s Pisco Sours, especially after an exciting and long day, while enjoying the Sunset from our Balcony. They are extremely good, proceed with caution.

Deposit Schedule and Cancelation Policy?

First 50% upfront of total amount for confirmation and reservation of the program and dates of departure and arrival Second 50% 90 days before departure date. We will recognize only US$24.00 as bank fees from our bank on time The excess will be covered by the client, specially in several bank transfers and most specially if other banks intervene during the transaction. Cancelation Policy: 90 days prior to scheduled departure date: full refund of deposit made (minus bank transfer cost and/or Credit Card Fees) 60 days prior to scheduled departure date 50% refund of deposit made. 45 days prior to schedule departure date: no refund will be made

Are there any measures to secure my deposit?

TamboFLEX: NEW Flexible Booking Policy We are introducing our brand new Flexible Booking Policy TAMBOFLEX which allows you to delay your holiday and transfer your deposit paid to another date of your choice within 24 months of your original holiday start date, completely free of charge with no hidden costs and no questions asked. Whether you are booking your first or second holiday with us, we completely understand you might be feeling uneasy and worried about travelling to the Amazon for this coming season because of the unknown situation linked to Covid– 19. TAMBOFLEX is our direct response to give you reassurance and flexibility when booking with Tambo Blanquillo Private Amazon Reserve going forwards. TAMBOFLEX Up-front Deposit – How does it work? TAMBOFLEX allows you to change your booking date with Tambo Blanquillo Private Amazon Reserve – to another date of your choice – summer or winter within 24 months of your original holiday start date. This means your deposit is completely transferrable to another date (or 3rd party individuals) of your choice with no additional fees to pay. With TAMBOFLEX as long as you notify us before the final balance payment deadline, which is 10 weeks before your holiday date, we are happy to transfer your total amount of deposit paid to another date or 3rd party/individuals of your choice. All we ask is that once you have decided to FLEX, you contact us with your new holiday date request immediately or names and personal information, in case you wish to transfer your deposit to a third party no questions asked. Any changes to your holiday dates must be made to us in writing. TAMBOFLEX will apply to all new reservations made for holidays that start from January 2021.

How many times can I change my booking?

TamboFlex entitles you to make 1 free-of-charge date amendment to your original booking. Once you have used your free Flex amendment, you cannot change dates again.

Is there a time limit within which I can rebook after I change my original booking?

TamboFlex requires that you must take your holiday within 24 months of your original holiday start date.

Can I have a refund of my deposit – I want to cancel my booking altogether?

Should you decide to completely cancel your holiday with us our standard terms and conditions apply in that your deposit is non refundable. We can only offer you alternative dates within 24 months of your original holiday start date, transference of your deposit to a third party/individual or extend your Flex to TamboFlex Ultimate, extending 24 more months to make use during the date of your interest.

How long do I have to notify Tambo Blanquillo of a date change to my holiday once I have decided to Flex?

Make sure you let us know up to 2 weeks before your arrival date. At this point you must notify us immediately of your new holiday dates at the time of amendment. TamboFlex does not apply once you have entered the 2 weeks final balance payment period. At this point you are obliged to pay for your holiday in full. Should you then decide not to come on your holiday, our usual Terms and Conditions (*) will apply which means there will be no refund or transfer of holiday dates offered. Please see our standard Cancellation Terms and Conditions on your booking form which outline this in more detail.

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

5 Days

Price & Availability

USD2,200 / per person
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This tour is operated by: Tambo Blanquillo Lodge
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4.92 Based on 6 reviews

Tour Facts

  • Manu, Madre de Dios, Perú
  • On Request
  • Multi-Day Tour
  • 1-10
  • March-December
  • 10+ years
  • Moderate
  • No
  • English, Italian, German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish
  • Aeropuerto Internacional Teniente Alejandro Velasco Astete (CUZ) / Aeropuerto Padre Aldamiz (PEM)
  • Aeropuerto Internacional Teniente Alejandro Velasco Astete (CUZ) / Aeropuerto Padre Aldamiz (PEM)