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Nemunas Delta Birding Tour, Lithuania - 7 Days

Nemunas Delta Birding Tour, Lithuania

Bird Watching Lithuania in Nemunas Delta National Park

This 7-day Nemunas Delta Birding Tour in Lithuania is a relaxed paced trip and will take you to the Nemunas Delta Regional Park which is known as a birders’ paradise, during the spring especially. During migrations, spectacular flocks of birds stay here to rest or breed. In spring you can expect to see around 130 different species of birds and approximately 10 mammals species within one day.

During this Nemunas Delta tour, you will have the opportunity to see the unique natural landscapes, local traditions and all-natural wilderness. From wintering guests from the North to earliest migratory birds that are on a rush back to the breeding grounds. Springtime is also good for mammal spotting as trees are still leafless.

From rare Lesser White-fronted geese to European Elk and Beavers, we will make a daily list every evening before dinner, so you can share with your birding pals back home or on eBird. Nemunas Delta in spring will amaze you with vast floodplains and alluvial forests, inland dunes and river variety. You will experience the fifth season – the Flood season and the magic of migration in its full glory.

As experienced ornithologists, we will accompany you throughout the trip, tell you the most interesting facts about the birds you observe, and answer any questions you may have during the trip. We keep the groups as small as 6-8 persons for maximum attention and good mood.

We will stay in our Ecolodge at Minija river shore and we will do short daily trips to the best birding areas just 20-30 min. drive from the lodge or start our boat trip from the pier of the Lodge. We will eat at the lodge homemade meals and try of course local cuisine specialties.

As Nemunas Delta is a very dynamic bird and weather-wise, we will check the forecast and areas prior the day before, so you can experience the maximum for your stay. The Lodge is in the core locations so everyday driving is as minimum as possible and we can be flexible with locations and itinerary for the day will be discussed daily at the dinner table or near the fireplace.

Nemunas Delta Birding Tour Highlights include:

  • Migratory and wintering birds’ species are on the move this time of the year, while geese, swans and ducks are roosting on the edge of the retreating floodwaters, birds of prey like White-tailed Eagles, Peregrine Falcon, Goshawk, Rough-legged Buzzards and Hen Harriers are looking for easy prey. In mid-April Lesser and Greater Spotted Eagles are back joined by Marsh, Montagu’s, and Pallid Harriers.
  • If the weather allows we can try to listen for Eagle Owl, Tawny and even Short-eared and Great Bitterns at the doorstep of the surrounding forests, where Woodcocks are flying over displaying at dusk. Great Bitterns, Swans, and Geese flocks can be heard even from the yard of the lodge all night.
  • An early start after breakfast also allows us to spot some local large mammals as European Elk, Red, Fallow and Roe Deer and many Red Foxes, Badgers, Beavers and if lucky Otter, or Pine Marten.
  • The boat trip will give us to another perspective of ever-changing Delta and will allow us to get closer to areas unreachable by land. We will visit some of the local birding spots by waterways, starting from our lodge private pier.
  • This tour is not only common birding trip, but we added heritage to it as the area have a very unique history and it was known as Lithuania Minor, in the past was part of East Prussia, belonging to Germany. So during the day time when birds are less active, we will visit some museums and participate in local community activities and educational programs, including food degustation and handcraft workshops.

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Alternative Tour Name: Bird Observation in Nemunas Delta

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7 Days

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Tour Facts

  • Nemunas Delta, Lithuania
  • On Request
  • Multi-Day Tour
  • 6 to 8 pax.
  • 7 Days
  • March to April
  • 18+ years (or 14+ with parents)
  • Leisurely
  • Yes
  • English
  • Vilnius Airport or Contact us to know
  • Vilnius Airport or Contact us to know
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