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Mejia Lagoons Lagoons & Marshes Birding Tour, Peru - 2 Days

Mejia Lagoons Lagoons & Marshes Birding Tour, Peru

Mejía Lagoons & Marshes Birdwatching Tour, Peru

This 2-days Mejia Lagoons Lagoons & Marshes Birding Tour which is moderately paced available on request will introduce you to some coastal birds, 1 of them endemics and some others with a range restricted to southern Peru. We expect to see on average we see between 50-60 bird species on this tour.

Our Mejia Lagoons Birding Tour starts and ends in Arequipa, a city founded by the Spaniards more than 470 years ago, all of its old buildings are made of Sillar a white volcanic rock, from which the “White City” name came. Your expert bird guide will accompany you for the full duration of the tour which will ensure that you do not miss any of the most important bird species.

The Mejia Lagoons National Sanctuary is located on the southern coast of Peru, in the province of Islay, are just a 3 hours drive from Arequipa. It was created in 1984, and designated a RAMSAR site from 1992. It constitutes a unique wildlife refuge in southern coastal Peru, especially for migratory birds, both for boreal migrants, during (Sep- Mar) and also austral migrants, during (Mar-Oct).

The Mejia Lagoons are situated in a depression parallel to the beach, which was initially formed by the Tambo River. It extends 7.5 km north of the mouth of the Tambo River. This Mejia Lagoons Birding Tour introduces The Mejia Lagoons Natural Sanctuary has an extension of more than 690 hectares, it has a bird list of 209 species of birds: 84 of them migratory, 93 residents, and 32 of the occasional.

The Mejia Lagoons National Sanctuary is just one of the two places in Peru where you can see them: Red-fronted Coot and White-winged Coot. We will also stop near Matarani, close to the Lighthouse pier, to see: Surf Cinclodes (endemic); IncaTern, one of the few dark terns in the world, with impressive white mustaches and colorful red bill and legs; and Humboldt Penguin, one of the easiest penguins to see in South America.

Mejia Lagoons Tour highlights include:

● Mejia Lagoons National Sanctuary: The Mejia, Iberia (north and south) and Boquerón Lagoons. Egrets, Herons, Ducks, Teals, Spoonbill, Coots, Grebes. The Salicornial (stores water on top of its branches) and Gramadal (put out salt over its leaves) habitats, both are a low height vegetation, the habitat of the Peruvian Pipit.
● Mejia Lagoons National Sanctuary: Tambo River mouth: Herons, Egrets, Gulls, Plovers.
● La Motobomba channel and beach: Ducks, Teals, Egrets, Grebes, Coots.
● Lighthouse pier: It’s a rocky shore, where we could see the Inca Tern, Surf Cinclodes (endemic) and Red-legged Cormorant.
● Riparian Vegetation along the Tambo River: Good place for Flycatchers, Pigeons and the Slender-billed Finch.

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Alternative Tour Name: Birding Mejia Lagoons

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  • Mejia Lagoons, Peru
  • Multi-Day Tour
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  • March to October
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  • 2 Days
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