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Manaus Amazon & Presidente Figueiredo Tour, Brazil - 10 Days

Manaus Amazon & Presidente Figueiredo Tour, Brazil

Birding Tour in Northern Amazon Rainforest, Brazil

This 10-day Manaus Amazon & Presidente Figueiredo Tour in Brazil is a moderately-paced tour that will focus on the magnificent Amazon rainforest region, especially when based in its heart, the bustling capital of Amazonas, Manaus.  During the tour, expect to see over 300 bird species, including a handful of endemics and other Brazilian wildlife.

We will spend a few nights using Manaus Amazon as our base for exploring this world-famous and huge area, before moving upriver in search of Amazonian specialities.

Some of the best birding is based in Manaus and the Amazon itself where the Botanical Garden hides a 50-meter canopy tower that gives an amazing panorama of the forest and brings a host of species, including many Manaus Amazonian endemics within close range. It also gives birds-eye views of raptors, parrots, aracaris and toucans as they patrol the forest.

We will continue our birding adventures upriver, visiting Anavilhanas National Park, making use of a small boat were necessary to explore the myriad of small islands in the Amazon, 400 in all, which hold species endemic to the islands themselves. We will see the confluence of the two rivers, Manaus of Amazon and Rio Negro, and can expect to enjoy close-up views of the endangered pink dolphins.

We will have the opportunity of seeing Guianan Cock of the Rock displaying at a lek in the Presidente Figueredo area. Leks of golden-headed and Red-headed manikins are also possible. In total, you can expect to see, something in the region of 400 species, many of which are found nowhere else in the world.

Throughout Manaus amazon the tour, you will be guided by the enthusiasm and fieldcraft of Edson Endrigo, one of Brazil’s foremost bird photographers, who has a well-earned reputation, gained after more than 20 years in the field, of locating even the most skulking of forest species.

Manaus Amazon & Presidente Figueiredo Tour Highlights include:

  • Crimson Topaz - It is impossible not to be impressed by the beauty of this huge species of hummingbird. With great knowledge of the region, the local guide can find him practically all tours that we carry out in the Manaus region.
  • Gilded Barbet - Undoubtedly, this barbet is one of the most beautiful that occurs in Brazil. It is not uncommon to find it a few meters from the ground during the tour.
  • Musician Wren - It does not have the most beautiful plumage when compared to other species that occur in Brazil; however its song impresses even experienced, bird watchers.
  • Pompadour Cotinga - It is much easier to find it when there are trees with fruits in the forest, but this is not always the case, so the local guide is very important, as he knows the main territories that this species can be observed.
  • White-plumed Antbird - We don't really find it on every trip, but when we manage to find the ant swarms our chances increase a lot. This is a real challenge to the local guide.

Come and join us on tthis adventure to see the world’s most famous jungle and its unique inhabitants.

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Alternative Tour Name: Manaus Vicinity & Presidente Figueiredo - "Northern Amazônia"

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10 Days

Price & Availability

USD4,820 / per person
Single Supplement USD 840
This tour is operated by: Avesfoto Birding Tours
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Tour Facts

  • Manaus Vicinity & Presidente Figueiredo, Amazonas State, Brazil
  • On Request
  • Private Tour
  • Birds
  • 2 to 6 pax
  • 10 Days
  • March to December
  • 10 years
  • Moderate
  • No
  • English and Portuguese
  • Manaus International airport (Eduardo Gomes), Amazonas State
  • Manaus International airport (Eduardo Gomes), Amazonas State
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