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Kenya Birding Tour - 14 Days

Kenya Birding Tour

Endemic Birdwatching Tour in Kenya

This 14-day Kenya Birding Tour focuses on endemic and semi endemic bird species, raptors, rare, specialized and elusive birds in Kenya.

It is a special Kenya Birdwatching tour but that doesn’t mean you won’t stop to see special mammals of course. If you travel during the Northern winter (between September and April) you will also meet many migratory birds. We will take you to places where people protect one specific species and they will tell you the history of their project - Mackinder’s Eagle Owl, Hinde’s Babbler, Sharpe’s Longclaw.

This exceptional Kenya birding and safari tour goes through different habitats - from mountain forest to Hagenia/Podocarpus up to open moorland at 3.000 m. Savannah and dry thorn bush (Acacia/Commiphora bushland) is a totally different biotope and so you find species adapted to this. Samburu National Reserve is not only a paradise for those who seek the Northern Kenyan mammals but for birders, it is very special since many species are only found further North where it is currently not safe to travel.

The bird density in Samburu is unique! Donaldson-Smith’s Sparrow-Weaver, Black-capped Social-Weaver, Pink-breasted Lark, William’s Lark, Stone Partridge just to name a few. Lake Nakuru is home to over 450 species and often you get surprised by interesting species. Lake Baringo is home of birds having their most Southern distribution area here - Little Weaver, Jackson’s Hornbill and Northern Masked Weaver. And the place is famous for the owls, the Heuglin’s Courser and Slender-tailed Nightjar. A professional birding guide will accompany you and point out the different species.

We have calculated enough time at each place to trace the special birds - no hurry, no rushing.

Kenya Birding Tour highlights include:

  • The Mackinder's Eagle-Owl (Bubo (capense) mackinderi) has only a few breeding pairs in the world and most of them are between Mount Kenya and the Aberdare. Your visit contributes to the project protecting them you learn about this wonderful owl
  • Hinde’s Babbler (Turdoides hindei), Family Leiothrichidae is a very special bird. A full endemic to Kenya and only found at a few locations which you must know to find them
  • Inhabiting moist grassland above 2.300 m or in the Aberdare Mountains from 3.000 m is the full Kenya endemic Aberdare Cisticola. Our birding guides know where to find them for you
  • Sharpe’s Longclaw (Macronyx sharpei) is only found on short-grass in higher altitudes. Due to habit loss, it is endangered and you need to know where it can be found.
  • Lake Baringo’s specials - Jackson’s Hornbill, Northern Masked Weaver, Northern White-faced Scops-owl and many others best found there

Please note: this set-departure tour is also available as a private or custom tour on request.  Please complete submit an enquiry for your preferred dates, route and tour refinements.

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Alternative Tour Name: Kenya's special birds

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14 Days

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Tour Facts

  • Kenya
  • Birds
  • Set Departure
  • Set Departure Tour
  • 1 to 12 px
  • 14 Days
  • Throughout the year
  • +15 years
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  • English. German, Italian and French on request
  • Jomo Kenyatta Airport, Nairobi
  • Jomo Kenyatta Airport, Nairobi
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