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Junin Grebe Birding Tour in Central Peru - 5 Days

Junin Grebe Birding Tour in Central Peru

Specialist Junin Grebe Birding Tour

This 5-day Junin Grebe Birding Tour in Central Peru focuses particularly on finding the flightless Junin Grebe on Lake Junin. The lake is the largest body of water entirely within Peru (Lake Titicaca is shared with Bolivia) and it is found at just over 4,082m above sea level in the centre of Peru.

This fascinating and endemic grebe is the most threatened avian species in Peru and one of two endangered bird species at the RAMSAR-designated lake, the other being the local subspecies of Black Rail, known as Junin Rail. We may also see Black-breasted Hillstar and Dark-winged Miner along with many other species of these high altitudes.

It's not only birds that attract interest in this unique area of South America. There are also two threatened species of frogs associated with Lake Junin, including the entirely aquatic Lake Junin Giant Frog.

Aside from visiting the Junin Grebes, this birding tour in Central Peru takes in the forests of Bosque Unchog in the Carpish mountains. There we hope to find what might be considered the second best bird on this trip - the iconic and very large Golden-backed Mountain-Tanager.

Other endemic birds you can see while birding in Central Peru include the Rufous-backed Inca-Finch, Brown-flanked Tanager, Rufous-browed Hemispingus, Pardusco, Bay-vented Cotinga, Large-footed Tapaculo, Neblina Tapaculo, newly described White-winged Tapaculo, Baron's Spinetail, Chestnut Antpitta, Bay Antpitta, Panao Antpitta, Chachapoyas Antpitta, Masked Fruiteater,  Striped Earthcreeper.

Junin Grebe Birding Tour in Central Peru highlights include:

  • Two endangered water birds - the eponymous grebe and the Junin Rail
  • Birding in the Bosque Unchog for Golden-backed Mountain-Tanager
  • Views of the high-altitude, largest lake to be found completely in Peru

The price of tour is based on four people on the tour. With fewer participants there is a surcharge. For example with two people in the group the surcharge is $400/person and with three people in the group $150/person.

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Alternative tour name: Central Peru Birding - Focus on Junin Grebe

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