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Iberian Lynx Quest Tour, Doñana, Spain - 6 Days

Iberian Lynx Quest Tour, Doñana, Spain

Tour to Find Iberian Lynx in Sierra de Andújar, Doñana

This 6-day Iberian Lynx Quest Tour is a leisurely paced, set departure tour, specially designed to enjoy nature in two of the most important ecosystems in the Iberian Peninsula - Mediterranean forest and the wetlands of Doñana.

Since the year 2000, Living Doñana has been working with the rare Iberian Lynx to increase the number of individuals to repopulate those territories they disappeared from decades ago. The aim of our tours is to raise awareness of this highly endangered animal and ensure its future in Spain.

"Great trip with Sergio who knows this area very well and is keen to show you the right spots. A lynx passed us about 2m away and we were able to take some unique pictures. Unforgettable experience!!" - Paul, Tine & Sanne

In search of this wonderful and threatened cat, our Iberian Lynx tour will take us to pastures of Holm Oaks and the mountains of the Natural Park of Andújar in Sierra Morena, and the Sotos, Glens, Veras and forests of Doñana National Park. These two natural reserves, located in Andalucia, are some of the best places in Spain to find nature still in its best-preserved state.

We will also observe interesting species that coexist with our Iberian Lynx, such as the Iberian Imperial Eagle (aka Spanish Imperial Eagle), Black Vulture, Golden Eagle, Focha Moruna  or Red Crested Coot in English, Imperial Garza or Purple Heron, Blue Elanio or Black-shouldered Kite, Spanish Ibex, Otter, Gamo or Fallow Deer, Mouflon and many more.

Our expert guides will accompany you throughout this Iberian Lynx tour, explaining the world of this precious cat - its biology and behaviours, its main threats, the conservation projects that are being carried out and the new protection measures that are being put in place.

In addition, on this Iberian Lynx tour we will enjoy the typical cuisine of Andalucía, and learn everything related to its culture, ethnography, folklore and traditions.

In searching for the Iberian Lynx, you will discover the world around it that will be sure to surprise you!

Iberian Lynx Quest Tour, Doñana highlights include:

  • The chance to see one of the rarest cats in the world
  • Learning about the work of conservationists
  • The fascinating culture, traditions and delicious cuisine of Andalucía

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Alternative Tour Name: Searching for the Iberian Lynx in Andalucía
Day 1
Day 1 - Arrival

Our meeting point will be at the airport, from where we will go to Andujar Natural Park, Visit the vicinity of the Jandula River, to try to see the otter and lynx in addition to contemplating many small passerines.

Day 2
Days 2 & 3 - Natural Park of Andujar

We will make different itineraries throughout the Natural Park of Andujar in search of the elusive feline, being able to observe the number of deer, mouflon, wild boar, Spanish ibex, in addition to birds as interesting as Spanish imperial eagle, Cinereus Vulture, Golden eagle and many more.

Day 3
Day 4 - Jandula River

In the early morning we will return to the Jandula River and in the middle of the morning we will travel to Doñana, where in the afternoon we will try to see the lynx in an area near the marsh.

Day 5
Day 5 - Wetlands of Doñana

We will dedicate the first and last hours of the day to look for the Iberian lynx for different places in the geography of Doñana. And the rest of the day we will dedicate it to the observation of birds through the wetlands of Doñana.

Day 6
Day 6 - Departure from lynx zone

Depending on the time of the return flight, we will dedicate the morning to track another lynx zone.

Throughout the year we can observe between the two natural spaces more than 400 different species and among them we highlight the following:

Iberian lynx, Egiptian mongoose, Spanish imperial eagle, Golden eagle, Cinereous Black vulture, Egiptian vulture, Short toed eagle, Ghosh sparrow, Falco peregrinus, Littel owl, Eagle owl, Barn owl, Tawny owl, Short eared owl, Sardinian warbled, Melodius warbled, Iberian magpie, Dafort warbled, Red rumped swalow, Litle grebe, Black necked grebe, Great crested tit, Purple heron, Night  heron, Squacco heron, Great white egret, Crested coot, Marbled teal, Ferrugineus duck, White headed duck, Pied avocet, Black wnged stilt, Spoonbill, Great flamingo, Red crested pochard, Blue throught, Penduline tit, Litle bittern, Great bittern, Great Spooted cuckoo,   Kingfisher, Yellow wagtail, Iberian green woodpecker, Great spotted woodpecker, Short-toed Treecreeper, Hawfinch, Great cormorant, Grey heron, Blue Rock Thrush, Crag Martin, Rock bunting, Red-billed chough, Red deer, Falow deer, Wild board, Mouflon, Spanish ibex,

What is included?

  • Free transfers
  • All meals
  • Accomodations
  • Liability insurance
  • Tour leader (Professional nature guide) Optical material
  • Bibliographic material

What is not included?

  • Flights
  • Travel and medical insurance
  • Any items of a personal nature
  • Tips
Wildlife Reviews
4.96 stars
- based on 4  reviews
  1. Never give up
    Ard Wagenaar10 Apr 2022







    Sergio Gonsales is the perfect guide: good humoured and skilled. Althought the lynx might not show up immediately, he shows you the area in a way that helps you to imagine how a lynx's life in Donana must be. And Sergio does not give up: in the end chances are high that you dó see the lynx! Thanks a lot Sergio, hasta la próxima!
  2. Unique experience
    Paul, Tine & Sanne14 Jul 2020







    Great trip with Sergio who knows this area very well and is keen to show you the right spots. A lynx passed us about 2 mtrs away and we were able to take some unique pictures. Unforgetable experience!!
  3. Iberian Lynx
    William02 May 2019







    Sergio is a very talented tour guide and his knowledge of the Iberian Lynx and its habitat is by far the best I have witnessed, having previously done 5 Lynx tours with other professional operators. He did provide us with 2 excellent sightings on the day and it is evident this is his backyard. His primary concern is the welfare of the animal so all in all a very professional company which I highly recommend.
  4. Great way to spot an Iberian Lynx
    Joey de Mol07 Jan 2019







    Our guide Sergio showed himself to be a very knowledgeable lynx expert, who was able to indicate some very good spots for lynx watching—even on a very busy public holiday. Going on a tour with him is a great way to (try and) spot the majestic Iberian Lynx.

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Why book with Living Doñana?

This trip is focused on discovering everything that surrounds the most endangered feline on the planet in nature, as well as knowing from the hand of professional experts what is the problem and the conservation measures that are being carried out so that this beautiful animal leaves of cataloging endangered. Living Doñana offers a variety of unique tours designed according to your preferences with quality and good service, backed by years of experience.

Who will be our guide?

Sergio González will be your guide. Sergio has worked in the recovery of the Iberian Lynx for 12 years and is currently a guide on this magnificent tour to show you all the details that occur in the life of this unique animal.

Individual and personalized tours available?

We provide taylor-made trips to our clients desirous to discover the biodiversity around the Lynx world.

What footwearshould I wear?

We usually do all our watching from trails and paths so there should be no need for heavy boots - please do enquire directly.


Our accommodation in the Sierra de Andújar Natural Park will be the Los Pinos hotel (www.lospinos.es), where we will be the first 2 nights of our tour. It is a tourist complex in the middle of nature and away from the town of Andujar about 14 kms. They are individual houses and apartments where we can taste excellent local cuisine in its magnificent restaurant. In Doñana, our accommodation will be Hacienda Olontigi (www.haciendaolontigi.com), an old farmhouse, remodeled and located in the center of the Doñana region.

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