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Hungarian Plains & Danube Delta Wildlife Tour - 14 Days

Hungarian Plains & Danube Delta Wildlife Tour

Wildlife Tour in Danube Delta & The Hungarian Plains

This 14-days Hungarian Plains & Danube Delta Wildlife Tour is a moderately-paced trip available as a set departure (or on request) where you can expect to see around 150 species.  This unique tour will take you to strikingly different birding areas in Central and Eastern Europe.

The combination of such interesting areas as Kiskunság and Hortobágy National Parks in Hungary and Transylvania wildlife in Romania will be most rewarding. Add to this a few days in the Danube Delta and on the Black Sea Coast and you have a truly great adventure with hundreds of species in good numbers! Good chance for several mammal species as well from the tiny Souslik to the huge European Brown Bear!

If you are looking for something really exciting and original, you are warmly invited to participate in this tour! During this Hungarian Plains & Danube Delta Wildlife Tour you will encounter several different habitats thus your bird list will contain amazingly varied species, hopefully including Saker Falcon, Red-footed Falcon, White-tailed Eagle, Imperial Eagle, Common Crane, Ferruginous Duck, Pygmy Cormorant, Eurasian Roller, European Bee-eater, Dipper, Nutcracker, Wallcreeper, Rock Bunting, most species of European woodpeckers plus White and Dalmatian Pelicans, Glossy Ibis and many more.

You will be surprised by encountering so many different ethnic cultures, medieval monasteries, churches, castles, everyday village life, craftsmen, and nomadic shepherds as well.

Hungarian Plains & Danube Delta Wildlife Tour highlights include:

  • The most colorful birds of Europe in good numbers including European Bee-eaters, Eurasian Hoopoes, European Rollers, Golden Orioles
  • Visiting a huge oxbow lake of River Tisza, Hungary with a large number of attractive bird species
  • Visiting channels, alkaline lakes, ponds, and rivers for various special birds like Penduline Tit, Bearded Tit, Ferruginous Duck, Squacco Heron, Purple heron, and many more
  • Sitting in specially designed Bird & Wildlife watching and photography hides
  • Watching East European raptor specialities such as Saker Falcon, Eastern Imperial Eagle, Red-footed Falcon, and many more
  • Sipping your coffee, tee, or a famous Hungarian wine during an evening Moth trapping session where you can see a wide variety of species
  • Visit Europe's most famous labyrinth of channel and lakes, the Danube Delta with a large number of birds, including Dalmatian and White Pelicans
  • Look for all woodpecker species of Europe including Three-toed, White-backed, Black, Grey-headed, Middle-spotted, and Syrian Woodpeckers
  • Good chance for a great variety of mammals from Souslik till European Brown Bear

Please note: this set-departure tour is also available as a private or custom tour on request. Please submit an enquiry with your preferred dates and group size.

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Alternative Tour Name: Grand Tour of Great Hungarian Plains, Hills of Transylvania & Danube Delta, Romania

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14 Days

Price & Availability

EUR2,260 / per person
single supplement EUR 450
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This tour is operated by: Ecotours Kondor EcoLodge
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Tour Facts

  • Kiskunság & Hortobágy NPs - HUNGARY plus Transylvania & Danube Delta, ROMANIA
  • Set Departure
  • Set Departure Tour
  • Birds
  • 6 to 12 pax
  • 14 days
  • Apr, May; Aug-Oct
  • Moderate
  • English, Spanish, (Italian)
  • Budapest Airport
  • Bucharest Airport
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