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Honduras Rainforest Tour - 6 Days

Honduras Rainforest Tour

Explore with us the most beautiful bird watching destinations in Honduras, Honduras Rainforest Tour takes you on an exciting 6-day trip discovering the most important sites of interest for birding in Honduras, during the tour we will border from start to the end of the Atlantic coast of Honduras, home to more than 500 species of Neotropical birds

Day 1
Day 1 - Arrival to San Pedro Sula Airport transfer to Hotel Paraiso Rainforest and Beach Hotel

Landing at Villeda Morales airport, you will be transport to Hotel Paraiso Rainforest and Beach Hotel, a beautiful accommodation near the emblematic Rawacala Ecopark, where the predominance of Tropical Rainforest make possible the sighting of the most representative birds of the area. During your stay it is possible to appreciate a beautiful landscape of Omoa Bay, while observing a considerable amount of species of extraordinary interest, such as Rufous-tailed Jacamar, Ruddy Crake, Crimson-collared Tanager, Rufous-breasted Spinetail, Black-headed Trogon, Slaty-tailed Trogon, Montezuma Oropendola, Red-lored Parrot.

Day 2
Day 2 - Birding at Rawacala most part of day

Rawacala is one of the most amazing place for birding in Honduras, a hidden gem prepare to be found, during the day we will explore magnificent tropical rainforest park, with beautiful paths, thats guide you to unforgettable landscape, found the elusive White-whiskered puffbird, Orange-billed Sparrow, Slaty-tailed Trogon, and many more birds

Day 3
Day 3 - Birding at Lancetilla, transfer to Lodge & Spa at Pico Bonito

Lancetilla Botanical Garden is a botanical garden located on the Caribbean coast in the north of the Republic of Honduras, about 7 km southeast of the city of Tela, during your visit, you will be able to observe a immense biodiversity in a place where in short period of time, a large number of bird species will be observed. Among the most prominent are: White-collared Manakin, Purple-crowned Fairy, Northern Schiffornis, Bright-rumped Atila, Tawny-winged Woodcreeper, Rufous-tailed Jacamar, Mistletoe Tyrannulet, American Pygmy Kingfisher then you will move to another place in the country, the spectacular Lodge & Spa At Pico Bonito the best Ecolodge in Honduras.

Day 4
Day 4 - Birding at Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge

Cuero y Salado Wildlife rufuge is a RAMSAR site that’s offers a unique opportunity to observe a variety of flora and fauna like no other place you can see in Honduras, when crossing rivers with reflections on still calm water. The possibility of observing bird species of great beauty become really easy, some of these species are: 5 of the 6 species of Kingfisher reported in the country (Amazon, Ringed, Belted, Green, and of course American Pigmy), Lineated Woodpecker, Russet-naped Wood Rail, Black-crowned Antshrike, Agami Heron, Boat-billed Heron, among others.

Day 5
Day 5 - Birding at Pico Bonito N.P., most part of the day

Located in the foothills of the Pico Bonito National Park and offering a paradise for lovers of birdwatching and wildlife photography, with a lot of feeders around the gardens of the lodge. This site has reported more than 340 of the species of birds existing in the country, in addition to bird species of great value, is possible to mesmorizing encounters with wildlife like no other place, some mentioned below: Crowned Woodnymph, Brown Violetear, Scaly-breasted Hummingbird, Violet-headed Hummingbird, Olive-backed Euphonia, White-vented Euphonia, Central American Pigmy-Owl, Olivaceous Piculet, Keel-billed Motmot, and the amazing Lovely Cotinga

Day 6
Day 6 - Transfer to SPS Airport

Early Birding at the gardens of Lodge & spa at Pico Bonito, Transfer to San Pedro Sula International Airport

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6 Days

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Tour Facts

  • On Request
  • Multi-Day Tour
  • Birds
  • 2 to 8 pax
  • 6 Days
  • Sep to Dec and Jan to Mar
  • English, Spanish
  • Ramon Villeda Morales Airport (SAP)
  • Ramon Villeda Morales Airport (SAP)