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Ultimate Gambia Bird Watching Party on Tour! - 11 Days

Ultimate Gambia Bird Watching Party on Tour!

Gambia Birdwatching Tour by Birding Specialists

This 11-day Gambia Bird Watching tour is an easygoing-paced trip available as a set-departure tour that will take you to The Gambia. During this birding Gambia adventure, you can expect to see around 250 species of bird and approximately 15 other wildlife species including hippos, chimpanzees, monkeys.

This tiny, friendly West African gem has long been a favourite with birders, and with good reason. As the gleaming Gambia River bends gently inland to form its welcoming ‘grin’, it provides access to teeming habitats ranging from coastal creeks to mangrove swamps to freshwater lakes, with species-rich Sahelian scrubland in between.

This small, accessible country embraces the shores of the languid Gambia River, which flows through its very heart before emptying into the Atlantic Ocean. Extensive protected areas interspersed with low-key traditional agriculture make for a welcoming wildlife haven, rich in eye-popping colourful flora and fauna.

Appealing, hospitable and easy to visit, this simply amazing Gambia birding tour provides an ideal introduction to sub-Saharan Africa, with raptors galore and a myriad of colourful and exciting target species. Bursting with life and culture, it is well-deserving of its nickname of ‘Africa’s Smiling Coast’, not just for its geographical appearance, but also because of the genuinely warm welcome waiting for you here.

Once Arab traders established routes across the Sahara in the tenth century, The Gambia, like so many of its neighbouring countries, became victim to the atrocities of the slave trade. This escalated when the Portuguese came to dominance in the 1500s and it´s thought that over three million Gambians were sold into trans-Atlantic slavery – by various European countries as well as other Africans – before the British outlawed the practice throughout their empire in 1807.

The Gambia remained a British Protectorate until its independence in 1965.  Since then this young country has built its economy on farming – mostly of peanuts, cereals and vegetables – fishing, and tourism.

Despite its poverty, The Gambia is rich in culture and great food! A variety of ethnic groups – including Mandinka, Fula and Wolof people – live side-by-side in the Gambia, each preserving its own language and traditions. Cuisine includes simple but delicious dishes based on peanuts, rice, fish, meat, onions, tomatoes, cassava, chilli peppers and oysters from the River Gambia.  In particular, look out for yassa and domoda  – two unforgettable Gambian curries!

Gambia Bird Watching Tour highlights include:

  • Observe Egyptian Plover at close quarters
  • Explore forests where the range-restricted Adamawa Turtle Dove occurs and both Green and Violet Turacos
  • Find familiar northern breeding migratory birds wintering in The Gambia
  • Explore a great variety of habitats hosting a myriad of Kingfisher and Bee-eater species
  • A boat trip to explore islands inhabited with Chimpanzees and waterways with Hippos and African Finfoots

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Alternative Tour Name: Ultimate Gambia Bird Watching Party!

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11 Days

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Tour Facts

  • The Gambia
  • Set Departure
  • Set Departure Tour
  • Birds
  • 4 to 8px
  • 11 Days
  • November to February
  • +15 years
  • Moderate
  • English, Spanish, French,
  • Banjul International Airport (BJL)
  • Banjul International Airport (BJL)
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