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Butterflies of Asturias Trip, Spain - 1 Day

Butterflies of Asturias Trip, Spain

Butterflies of Asturias Trip

Every spring and after a complicated biological process the different butterflies of Asturias species start to deploy their wings and proboscis in an amazing performance for survival. These beautiful, colourful and fragile Lepidoptera are spread all over the Asturian territory, all the way from the seashores to the highest summits of the Cantabric  Mountains. Flying or gliding, they are joyful to see while reminding us of their role as key elements in the environmental complexity of Asturias’ ecological niches.

Alternative name: Butterflies Of Asturias Trip
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Full Day Trip

Asturias is home of more than half of the total amount of butterfly species that occur in Spain outside Canary islands. Some of them are common throughout the whole region (Colia crocea, Pieris napi) but some others are quite rare as Maculinea nausithous or Boloria eunomia. Their distribution is highly dependent on some specific natural factors as geological substrate, thermic conditions or even plant life. Picos de Europa holds few populations of Heteropterus morpheus, Erebia gorge or Lopinga achine among others.

What is included?

  • Licensed official guide
  • Entomological gear
  • Transportation

What is not included?

  • Meals

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Why book with Geoface?

GEOFACE is small local company that provides get to know services after research and prospection. We dive into the ecosystems and habitats in order to understand the key role insects can play in clima change adaptation strategies. When booking with GEOFACE you are supporting responsible and scientific tourism meanwhile enjoying nature and high valuable local cultural landscapes, guided bay a Licensed Official Principality of Asturias Guide.

Why visiting Asturias for butterflies spotting?

Asturias is home of several species of nocturnal lepidoptera and more than 140 diurnal lepidoptera. Mountain ranges and clima conditions (humidity&low thermal amplitude) provides territory with gradients and linked different temperatures that make diversity possible. From April to October butterflies soar and fly on top of the hills, along the coastal areas and over the grasslands and farming fields. Cozy accommodation and supreme gastronomy are guaranteed.

What kind of activity is a butterflies tour with GEOFACE?

A GEOFACE butterflies tour is a day in nature dedicated to walk, identify habitats within our regional ecosystem and spot butterflies. We carry entomological gear for better comprehension of the individuals. Meals are usually somewhere out there right because our visited butterflies grounds are located in gorgeous and astonishing places.

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1 Day

Price & Availability

EUR90 / per person
This tour is operated by: Geoface

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Tour Facts

  • Picos de Europa National Park
  • On Request
  • Full Day Trip
  • 4 to 6 pax. maximum
  • May, June, July, August
  • Moderate
  • English, Spanish
  • Asturias Airport
  • Asturias Airport