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Birdwatching Slovenia Tour in Spring - 8 Days

Birdwatching Slovenia Tour in Spring

Spring Birding Tour in Slovenia

8-day Spring Birdwatching Slovenia tour is the week full of great birding at some of the top birding locations in Slovenia.

This small green country extends in the area of 20,273 km2 and has more than 13% of its territory protected. 24,000 animal species live here, and some of them are very rare or even endangered. Slovenia is, according to the Good Country Index, fourth among 154 countries in terms of its positive contribution to the planet and the climate. It boasts vast forests, rich biodiversity, numerous protected areas and parks, exceptional water wealth, and high-quality drinking water. Slovenia has one national park, three regional parks, 34 landscape parks, 66 nature reserves, and more than 1200 natural monuments are just some of the reasons for you to come on a unique Photo trip.

In Slovenia, you can experience, visit, feel or taste something new and unique every day of the year! We are a country of unique experiences, free from mass tourism. Its diverse landscape offers a wide variety of outdoor activities; round trips around the country allow you to taste a different authentic local cuisine in every region. In a country known for healthy waters and spas, you can easily enjoy a green, active, healthy, and safe holiday experience.

Spring birdwatching tour will round up almost every part of the country. From the seaside to the highest mountain peaks. With nice weather at this part of the year, we will enjoy the beautiful scenery and some of the rarest breeding birds. Easy hiking will make everything even better. Target species may take some time to find but we will do our best to show you a rich bird list and amazing landscape all around the top birding locations. Changing so many places will give us the opportunity to see as much as possible.

Locations to be visited: Coastal wetlands (Škocjanski zatok and saltpans), Nanos mountain and Karst, Triglav National Park, Lake Cerknica, Pohorje plateau, Fishponds of lower Slovenia – and Ormož lagoons with Ormož wine region.

Birdwatching Slovenia Spring Tour Highlights include:

  1. Slovenia is the best nesting place for lots of endangered bird species, such as; Black Grouse, Baillons Crake, Wallcreeper, Rock Thrush, Ural Owl. Slovenian territory is a stop for migratory birds. You can see most of the birds in different landscape parks. In Slovenia 380 birds species have been observed, 220 of which also nest.
  2. Being around Triglav national park; With its diverse climate and a wealth of landscape types, the Triglav National Park is home to around 7,000 plant and animal species, from tiny insects and freshwater fish to majestic red deer and a proud golden eagle.
  3. Visiting the phenomenon of intermittent (disappearing) Lake Cerknica has become famous worldwide as an area where cattle can graze, farmers can plow fields, catch fish and drive boats in the same place. When the lake is full, it is the largest lake in Slovenia, but then it dries up and reveals its extensive farming land.
  4. Unique Slovenian Landscape From the Alpine world to the Mediterranean sea and Pannonian lowlands;

Slovenia is on the path to becoming a top culinary destination.

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8 Days

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  • Coastal wetlands (Škocjanski zatok and saltpans), Nanos mountain and Karst Triglav National Park, Lake Cerknica , Pohorje platea.
  • Set Departure
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  • Birds
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  • 8 Days
  • Spring Season
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