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Birds of Peruvian Amazon Birding Tour - 6 Days

Birds of Peruvian Amazon Birding Tour

Peruvian Amazon Birds Tour

To see the great variety of Peruvian birds in the Amazon, this 5-day birding tour from Iquitos is perfect. It includes birding the canopy walkway near Explornapo, the river islands of the mighty Amazon River and the white sand forests of Allpahuayo-Mishana. There are great chances to see Nocturnal Curassow at night at the Exloprama. The canopy walkway nearby gives a bird's eye view of the treetops.

See For Yourself

Flocks of parrots, tanagers, raptors, toucans and cotingas can be seen passing through often at close range. The river islands have a number of Amazon River specialities that can not be seen when birding in Southern Peru. We will explore a lagoon in search of Agami Heron and Sungrebe.

The white sand forest birding at Allpahuayo-Mishana Reserve rewards us with a number of endemic birds that have been described as new to science within the last 25 years, such as Mishana Tyrannulet, Allpahuayo Antbird, Ancient Antwren and if we are lucky, Iquitos Gnatcatcher. This forest is also good for Rufous and White-winged Potoo.

Birds of Peruvian Amazon

5 days is the minimum to explore the birds of the Peruvian Amazon, in the Iquitos area. This particular tour focuses on species that can not be seen in the Southern Peruvian Amazon.  You could add 3-5 days to do more exploring in Allpahuayo-Mishana reserve as the endemics here are difficult to find. There are many opportunities for good general birding here also. The Yanayacu river south of Iquitos is very good for the rare Wattled Curassow. An allocation of 3 days is usually needed for this elusive species.

Fantastic Wildlife

Additional expeditions that can be made by going to other lodges along the Amazon river for species like the undescribed Herpsilochmus, Spotted Antpitta, White-lored Antpitta, Southern Caracara, Cinereous Becard, South American Snipe and Helmeted Pygmy-Tyrant.

Wildlife within 100km of Iquitos is generally sparse. South-Eastern Peru is more abundant for wildlife. Hunting has put pressure almost everywhere and larger monkeys are rare. However, Pink River Dolphin and three-toed Sloth are quite common.

Additional Possibilities

An added and very comfortable tour extension can be arranged with a river cruise (bug-free) riverboat with air-conditioned rooms, private showers and bathrooms. Cruise upriver to the Pacaya-Samiria National Park where wildlife is more common and protected. Please ask for details if you want to visit this area.

For a fantastic and longer birding experience please have a look at the Complete Manu Road Peru Birding Tour. 

Day 1
Day 1 - Flight from Lima

Late afternoon flight from Lima and transfer to Allpahuayo-Mishana reserve from airport to do a session of nightbirding. Maybe we find Rufous Potoo or White-winged Potoo. Night in Iquitos.

Day 2
Day 2 - Allpahuayo-Mishana.

In the morning we shall look for the targets of Allpahuayo-Mishana such as Mishana Tyrannulet, Allpahuayo Antbird, Ancient Antwren, Northern Chestnut-tailed (Zimmer's) Antbird.There is also an undescribed form of Fuscous Flycatcher which likely is a new species and many more. With lots oa luck we may also find the extremely rare Iquitos Gnatcatcher. Mid-morning we transfer to Explornapo lodge. In the afternoon we will be checking out the lek for Black-necked Red-Cotinga.

Day 3
Day 3 - Explornapo

AM. River islands holding i.e. Ash-breasted Antbird, Bicolored Conebill, Orange-eyed Flycatcher, Leaden Antwren and many others. In the afternoon we will transfer to the canopy walkway and spend the afternoon there. At night near the base of the Canopy walkway, the Nocturnal Curassow can often be located.

Day 4
Day 4 - Canopy walkway - return to Iquitos

AM birding on the canopy walkway with Dugand’s Antwren, Pavonine Quetzal and Crested Eagle possible, before we head back to the lodge and back to Iquitos. In the afternoon we return to Iquitos. At dusk we shall do a short boat trip from Iquitos port in Nanay delta with Black-crested Antshrike and Band-tailed Nightjar. Night in Iquitos.

Day 5
Day 5 - Allpahuayo Mishana and Cumaceba Lodge.

Additional day at Allpahuayo-Mishana reserve. There are certainly more birds to look for. Night in Iquitos.

Day 6
Day - 6

Another day on the Amazon river where we shall look for Black-tailed Antbird and Zimmer's Woodcreeper. The islands are also good also for Festive Parrot. We bird until midday when we return to Iquitos. In the afternoon we'll look for some Iquitos stakeouts such as Amazonian Parrotlet and Bay Hornero before returning to the airport for flights back to Lima or Tarapoto.

Top 5 birds that can be seen on the five-day Birding Peru Amazon tour.

  • Nocturnal Curassow
  • Allpahuayo Antbird
  • Black-necked Red-Cotinga
  • Agami Heron
  • Ancient Antwren

What is included?

  • Domestic flights (Tarapoto and Lima)
  • Hotels and lodges in double occupancy
  • All food
  • Expert Guiding
  • Transport
  • Checklists
  • eBird checklist at the end of the day
  • Safe treated water (bring water container to fill up)

What is not included?

  • Entrance fee to Allpahuayo-Mishana reserve ($10/day)
  • Bottled drinks
  • Tips
  • Personal expenses.

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Why book with Kolibri Expeditions?

Our Iquitos trip is perfect as an extension for anyone who wants to rack up a long list of birds in Peru in a short time. By keeping it short you have time to explore other areas in Peru as well. It has many local specialties that are difficult to get elsewhere, including some endemics in Allpahuayo-Mishana reserve. It can easily be fitted together with a North Peru itinerary that ends in Tarapoto and taking the direct flight from there - or Start with Iquitos and fly to Tarapoto at the end. Birding is relatively easy for being the Amazon, as we spend time in semi-open habitat on river islands, stunted white-sand forest, and birding from the small boat and from the canopy at Explornapo. So in this sense this tour can be recommended to those totally new to Amazonian birding. This is far easier than it usually is.

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6 Days

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Tour Facts

  • Iquitos area
  • Multi-Day Tour
  • Birds
  • 2 to 7 pax.
  • 5 days
  • Any time of year
  • No limit.
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  • English, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian + (Japanese and Mandarin with translator).
  • Iquitos
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