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Birding Safari for Siberian Wintering Birds - 7 Days

Birding Safari for Siberian Wintering Birds

7-day birding safari in search of  Siberian Jay, Siberian Tit, Pallas’s Rosefinch and more!

Adventure birding in the cold winter of Mongolia tends to attract lots of birders to the destination. That’s because it has the beautiful snow-covered landscapes filled with many sunny bright days. Cranes, geese, harriers, and the other summer breeders all already left the country. But big flocks of Mongolian and Shore Larks, Small Snowfinch, Snow and Lapland Buntings and lots of other small passerines gather to feed on the big open grasslands of Mongolia and yet the soaring raptors including adult Saker Falcon, Upland Buzzard and Cinereous Vulture stay and guard their places. From the north, the winter visitors such as Rough-legged Buzzard, Bohemian Waxwing and Common Redpoll have already come for winter. Pallas’s Rosefinch, Siberian Jay, Siberian Tit, Brown and Alpine Accentors have come down to the lower grounds. Join us for this fabulous adventure and meet Mongolian nomads who have also settled in their wintering places. Make your dreams come true travelling in wonderful land filled with glorious wildlife!
Trip Highlights:
  • Benefit low season price
  • Many sought-after species – Siberian Jay, Siberian Tit, Pallas’s Rosefinch, Snow & Lapland Buntings and more
  • Nomadic family visit and stay in comfortable tourist ger camps
  • Grey Wolf, Mongolian Gazelle, Siberian Ibex and Argali Sheep
  • Sublime sceneries of snow-covered mountains, steppes, and forest
Day 1
Day 1 - Arrive in Ulaanbaatar

Our crew picks you up at the Chinggis Khaan international airport upon your arrival in Ulaanbaatar which is the capital of Mongolia and transfer to the reserved hotel. Optional rest at the hotel. After lunch (in case you arrive before lunch), visit Tuul river forest on the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar. Target species include Azure-Winged Magpie, Azure Tit, Long-Tailed and Pallas’s Rosefinches, Meadow Bunting, Bohemian Waxwing, Common Redpoll, Siberian and Brown Accentors and Ruddy Shelduck. WELCOME DINNER at one of the most famous restaurants in the city. Food: Welcome dinner. Road: Total coverage 30 km paved road. (30 minutes’ drive)

Day 2
Day 2 - Bogd Khan Mountain SPA

After breakfast, start driving to Bogd Khan Mountain. Walk along the mountain valley to get bird feeding place which attracts many hungry birds such as Willow, Marsh, And Great Tits, Eurasian Nuthatch, Eurasian Jay at close distance. After lunch, visit another area of the mountain where we find all species of Tits and Woodpeckers, Pine Grosbeak, Common and Two-barred Crossbills, Spotted Nutcracker, Eurasian Jay and possibly Ural Owl. Overnight in a hotel. Food: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. Road: Total coverage 100 km paved road. (2 hours’ drive)

Day 3
Days 3 to 4 - Khustai NP

After breakfast, start driving to the west of Ulaanbaatar to see wintering birds on open grasslands in Khustai NP, which is the place where the reintroduction project of Przewalski’s Wild Horse Equus przewalskii have been successfully implemented. Under the umbrella of the wild horse’s protection, the number of species of wildlife has been increased recently. If the snow covered road condition allows, drive to see Grey Wolf, Red Deer, and Mongolian Gazelle. Target bird species include Saker Falcon, Golden Eagle, Daurian Partridge in winter plumage. Mongolian and Horned Larks, Small Snowfinch and possibly Lapland and Snow Buntings on the open grassland. Other raptors include Upland Buzzard, Common Kestrel, and possibly Merlin and Rough-legged Buzzard. Overnight in a tourist ger camp. Food: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. Road: Total coverage 90 km paved road and 15 km dust road. (over 2 hours’ drive)

Day 5
Days 5 to 6 - Gorkhi-Terelj NP

After breakfast, drive to the east of the ger camp to get the boreal forest. Upon arrival, check in a tourist ger camp near birding site. The possible birds in the park are Three-Toed and other Woodpeckers, and Hazel Grouse, Eurasian Jay, Siberian Tit and Siberian Jay. The challenging species will be Spotted Capercaillie. Other possibilities are Ural and Great Grey Owls. Overnight in a local tourist ger camp. Food: Breakfast; Lunch; Dinner. Road: Total coverage 160 km paved road. (around 3.5 hours’ drive)

Day 7
Day 7 - Departure

A transfer to Chinggis Khaan International Airport will be the end of our services in Mongolia.

Azure-Winged Magpie, Azure Tit, Long-Tailed and Pallas’s Rosefinches, Meadow Bunting, Bohemian Waxwing, Common Redpoll, Siberian and Brown Accentors, Ruddy Shelduck, Woodpeckers, Pine Grosbeak, Common and Two-barred Crossbills, Spotted Nutcracker, Eurasian Jay Ural Owl,Upland Buzzard, Common Kestrel, and possibly Merlin, Rough-legged Buzzard, Siberian Jay, Siberian Tit, Pallas’s Rosefinch

What is included?

  • Accommodation (2 nights’ hotel in Ulaanbaatar city; 4 nights’ tourist ger lodges)
  • Transport (Ground transportations by 4WD vehicles, including petrol;)
  • Meals -7 breakfast, 5 lunch; 6 dinner
  • Entrance fees to all National Parks and road tolls
  • English speaking bird guide
  • Drinking water will be provided. It will be appreciated if you could bring your refillable bottle.

What is not included?

  • Last dinner (It will be your free choice)
  • International transportation
  • All types of insurance
  • Visas
  • Departure tax
  • Alcoholic drinks and items of personal nature
  • Binoculars, telescopes and tripods
  • Extra luggage
  • Optional tours

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7 Days

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Tour Facts

  • Mongolia
  • Birds
  • Multi-Day Tour
  • Available Daily
  • 7 days
  • 4-14 pax
  • English
  • Oct to Feb
  • Chinggis Khaan International Airport
  • Chinggis Khaan International Airport
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