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Birding Northern Peru - 16 Days

Birding Northern Peru

16-days birding the north of Peru with great target species Scarlet-banded Barbet, Oilbird, Long-Whiskered Owlet and the famous Marvelous Spatulatail.

Day 1
Day 0 - Fly to Lima

Overnight in Lima.

Day 2
Day 1 - Lima Chiclayo.

Morning flight from Lima to the coastal city of Chiclayo(1 hour and 20 minutes fly). On arrival we´ll transfer to our Hotel in Chiclayo where we´ll stay for one night and we´ll drive for 17 km to the Pacific Ocean coast to see many Seabirds and Shorebirds. Near Eten port, we´ll bird coastal wetlands for Chilean Flamingo, White-tufted Grebe, Many-colored Rush Tyrant, wren-like Rushbird and many more birds. B:L:D

Day 3
Day 2 and Day 3 - Olmos

Today we´ll drive two hours to our Hotel in Olmos where we are going to spend two nights.

Here we´ll bird the Bosque pomac Reserve, Quebrada Frijolillo and the protected Algarrobo woodland for Tumbes Swallow, Rufous Flycatcher, Necklaced Spinetail, Peruvian plantcutter, Baird´s Flycatcher, Superciliated Wren, Coastal Miner, Black-faced Ibis, Purple-collared Woodstar, Tumbes Hummingbird, Amazilia Hummingbird, Long-billed Starthroat, Short-tailed Woodstar, Oasis Hummingbird, Peruvian sheartail, little Woodstar. Other specialists here include Sulphur-throated and Cinereus Finch, Tumbes Tyrant, Tumbes Sparrow, Scarlet-backed Woodpecker, Gray-breasted Flycatcher, Gray and Gold Warbler, Sooty-capped Flycatcher, Gray and White Tyrannuled, White-Winged Guan, White-winged and White-headed Brush-finch, Elegant Crescentchest, Red-masked Prakeet, Golden-olive Woodpecker, Guayaquil Woodpecker, Streak-headed Woodcreeper, Plumbous-backed Thrush, Henna-hooded Foliage-gleaner and many more species.

Before goint to bet we´ll do some Owling for Peruvian Screech Owl and Scrub Nightjar. B:L:D

Day 4
Day 4, 5 and 6 - Gotas de Agua (Jaen)

Driving times between the places are 2 hours from Olmos to Abraporculla, 4 hours from Abra Porculla to Jaen, 1 hour from Jaen to Gotas de agua.

Today we´ll drive 7 hours from Olmos to Gotas de agua, including selected birding stops along the way for Piura Chat-tyranr, Black cowlet Saltator, Andean Tinamou, Three-banded Warbler, Bay crowned brush-finch,Chapman´s Antshrike,Ecuadorian Piculet, Rufous-necked Foliage-gleaner, yellow-bellied and Black and White Seedeaters. Every day we´ll have full birding with Maranon Endemics including: Maranon Crescentchest, Maranon Slaty Antshrike, Buff-bellied Tanager, Chinchipe Spinetail, Sooty-crowned Flycatcher, Maranon pinetail, Maranon Thrush, Yellow-cheeked Becard, Speckle-breasted Wren, Black-capped Sparrow, Tataupa Tinamou, Military Macaw, Little Inca Finch, and many more, we´ll visit rice fields to look for Spotted Rail and Paint-billed Crake. Up the Uctubamba River, keeping an eye out for Fasciated Tiger-heron and Torrent Duck. We´ll spend three nights in Gotas de Agua private Reserve. B:L:D

Day 5
Day 7, 8 and 9 - Huembo Lodge.

We´ll drive for six hours (including birding) from Gotas de Agua to Huembo Lodge. Here we may see the famous: Marvelous Spatulatail at the Lek (A communal breading display performed by males to attract females). Some hummingbirds visit the feeders in the garden like Little Woodstar, White-bellied Woodstar, Chestnut-breasted Coronet, Collared Inca, Mountain Velvetbreast and more. We may also explore some trails with good patches of cloud forest remain and some of the possibilities here that we have seen in the past include: Torrent Duck, Speckled Hummingbird, Golden-headed Quetzal, Versicolored Barbet, Gray-breasted Mountain Toucan, Strong-billed Woodcreeper, White-tailed and White-banded Tyrannulets, Inca Flycatcher, Chesnut-crested Cotinga, White-capped Tanager, White-collared Jay, Andean Solitaire, Silver-backed and Green-throated Tanagers plust lots more. We´ll spend three nights in Huembo Lodge. B:L:D

Day 6
Day 10, 11 and 12 - Owlet Lodge.

Birding and driving from Huembo Lodge to Owlet Lodge will take about four hours. Staying three nights at this beautiful lodge will give us access to an extensive trails system enabling us to look for Antpittas and do some Owling in the garden for White-throated Screech Owl and Rufous-banded Owl. One of the trails will give us access to several territories of the rare and almost mythical endemic Long-Whiskered Owlet. We may bump into mixed flocks with Blue browed, Metallic-green and other Tanagers, exploring side trails we may see the newly described Johnson´s Tody-tyrant, Tyranine woodcreeper, Spotted and Rusty-winged Barbtails and many more target birds like Ash-throated Antwren, Cinnamon-breasted Tody-Tyrant, Bar-winged Wood-Wren, Royal Sunangel, Equatorian Graytail, White capped and Scaly-naped Parrots, White Capped Tanager, Wedge-billed Hummingbird, Crimson-mantled Woodpecker, Montane woodcreeper. We may hear (or see if are lucky) Ochre-fronted and Rusty-tinged Antpittas, Long-tailed Antbird, Large-footed Tapaculo, Golden-faced Tyrannulet, Sulphur-bellied Tyrannulet, Ecuadorian Tyrannulet, Fiery-throated and Scaled Fruiteaters, Andean Cock of the Rock, Lanceolated Monklet, Fine-barred Piculet, Barred Becard, Sharpe´s Wren, Black-created Warbler, Bicolored Antvireo and many more. Night birding should be good here with Lyre-tailed Nightjar, Rufous-bellied Nighthawk and Cinnamon Screech Owl all possible. Three nights at Owlet Lodge. B:L:D

Day 7
Day 13, 14 and 15 - Moyobamba

Driving and birding from Owlet Lodge to Moyobamba will take us about five hours. Through beautiful upper tropical forests, new and exciting birds will be possible with excellent chances of seeing the Speckle-chested Piculet, Ecuadorian Piedtail, Black-bellied Tanager, Yellow-throated and Ashy-throated Bush Tanagers, Yello-breasted Antwren, Gray-mantled Wren, Ruddy and Plumbeous Pigeons, White-eyed Parakeet, Red-billed Parrot, Black-mandibled Toucan, Golden-olive and Smoky-brown Woodpeckers, Olivaceous and Olive-backed Woodcreepers, Ash-browed Spinetail, Montane and buff-fronted Foliage-gleaners, Streaked Xenops, Lined Antshrike, Plain Antvireo, Rufous rumped Antwren, Blackish Antbird, White-crowned Tapaculo, Golden-winged Manakin, Slaty-capped, Ornate and Olive-chested Flycatchers, Marble-faced Bristle-Tyrant, Plumbeous-crowned and Ecuadorian Tyrannulets, Northern Slaty Antshrike, Bluish-fronted Jacamar, Sulphur-bellied Tyrant-Manakin, Speckled Chachalaca, Blue Ground-Dove, Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl, Blue-crowned Trogon, Blue-crowned Motmot, Black-fronted Nunbird, Planalto Hermit, Chestnut Eared and Lettered Aracaris, Lafrensnaye´s Piculet, Plain-crowned and Chestnut-throated Spinetail´s, Stripe-chested Antwren, White-browed Antbird, White-bellied Pygmy-Tyrant, Boat-billed and Piratic Flycatchers, Black-and-white Hawk Eagle, Mouse-colored Antshrike, Undulated Antshrike, Chestnut-headed Crake, Ashy-headed Greenlet and many more. Three nights in Moyobamba. B:L:D

Day 8
Day 16 - Tarapoto - Lima

After our last morning of birding, we´ll have an afternoon drive of two hours from Mollobamba to tarapoto to catch an evening flight back to Lima (one hour and 15 minutes). Overnight in Lima. B:L:D

Day 9
Day 17

Flight back Home

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  • All lodging
  • Meals
  • Transpotation
  • Expert bilingual birdguide
  • Check list
  • Hotel transfer
  • Entrance fees

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  • Air Puerto Maldonado to Lima
  • Airport tax
  • Personal expenses

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16 Days

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