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Birding Lithuania Migration Tour - 8 Days

Birding Lithuania Migration Tour

Magical Bird Migration Tour in Lithuania

This 8-days Birding Lithuania Migration Tour will blow your mind, nature at its best, as you will witness the annual autumnal bird migration in its full glory. The East Baltic Flyway is among the most important passerine bird migration routes in the world. Each autumn millions of birds from the Europe smallest Goldcrest to gracious Crane-fly over the Baltic coastline from their breeding grounds in the Arctic and West Siberia to wintering places in Southern Europe or even further south in Africa.

Lithuania is southernmost Baltic Country here the bottleneck of this flyway is formed at Klaipėda where birding Lithuania focuses millions of passerine birds will split into two main routes. 70% will go by the Curonian Spit over the dunes, and 30 % will choose the longer way along the East coast of Curonian shoreline, getting themselves to the second in the world bird ringing station at Cape Vente.

That is why our Tour will begin at Ventė Cape – a location where you will evidence largest Heligoland bird trap in the world. The ringing station was established back in the 1930s and witnesses up to 100,000,000 songbirds’ fly-over the peninsula, daily, during the best days of migration.

On the other shore of the Lagoon – Curonian Spit National Park is our next destination. This landmark of sandy dunes, separating the Curonian Lagoon and the Baltic Sea, is the main migratory birds’ choice (70% of all migratory passerines and raptors), with almost 2 million birds crossing when weather conditions are most suitable.

Next point of interest is another spectacular birding place – an area possessing the largest fall gatherings of Common Cranes spending the evening in the bog in central of Lithuania and comes complete with Red Deer rut calls representing nature heritage of the region. On the way to our next accommodation, we will check the fishponds for waterfowl and grebes.

Next two nights in the heart of the Biržai forest and visit to its surrounding countryside will allow you to feel Lithuanian wilderness and full of stars skies. The forest is one of the best places in Lithuania for owls, woodpeckers and if you are lucky you might see not only the tracks but also the Wolves and Lynx crossing the road.

Birding Lithuania Migration Tour highlights include:

  • We will look for some of the most exciting species in ridiculous numbers and also is the best time of the year to find Siberian vagrants. So it’s not a regular birdwatching trip, it is more like a scientific expedition from the coast to the Boreal forests in the east. We will show you the magic of Nature called Migration.
  • We will start with the main topic of the tour – Migration. Ventė Cape and Curonian Spit are the most exciting areas for migration, and birds are flying in massive flocks, not only small passerines but also birds of prey over the sandy Pine forest, waders, auks and waterfowl over the sea-shore and Cranes and Geese over the mainland pushed by coming winter from North-East.
  • If the weather allows we listen for Ural Owl, Tawny and even the cute Pygmy Owl. It is a great place to look for some of the rarest European Woodpecker species, and here we can find in one place all 7 species found in Lithuania. And this is just not all that Biržai forest could offer.
  • Autumn is not only exciting because of the birds, but it’s also a Red Deer rut time. And this means we will have a chance to listen and enjoy this mystical ritual and meet some of the contenders if winds will be friendly. Also is one of the most beautiful seasons, with all the different colours and weather can be extremely beautiful and dramatic. So be ready for everything.
  • If the wind direction is the right one we will see also the ringing process and you can even release the little bird from your hand. You will see one of the oldest ringing station and the biggest Heligoland trap. History and Nature Heritage will also include during our ground transfers as we will move slowly to the East crossing three of the Lithuanian regions – Lithuania Minor, Žemaitija and Aukštaitija and will also visit their regional and national parks.

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Alternative Tour Name : The Magic of Migration Tour

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8 Days

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  • 2 to 8 pax.
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  • English, Lithuanian, Bulgarian, Russian
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  • Vilnius Airport or Contact us to know
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