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Birding in Extremadura and Gredos Mountains Tour, Spain - 6 Days

Birding in Extremadura and Gredos Mountains Tour, Spain

Spring Extremadura & Gredos Mountains Birding Tour

A 6-days Birding in Extremadura tour during spring allows you to explore some of the very best birdwatching spots in Europe: Extremadura and Gredos Mountains are, simply, one of the best birding experiences you can enjoy in Europe combined with a great lodge (we will use a single accommodation in the whole tour) and absolutely fine local good and wine!

Extremadura is considered as one of the birding jewels in Europe, and once you are there, you will soon understand why. Extremadura, but also the big triangle including the Tietar Valley and Gredos Mountains, has endless areas of nearly untouched habitats.

Here, traditional farming has favoured the preservation of large trees carpeted in grass and wildflowers. These ancient Oaks provide with hundreds of hollows for nesting birds and other wildlife, and that's why it is not surprising to find big densities of Little Owls, Eurasian Rollers, Hoopoes and Iberian Green Woodpeckers.

In addition, these trees are a magnificent nesting place for some species of raptors, and here is where will find the best densities of Booted Eagles and Black Kites all around Europe. Along with these species, the endemic Spanish Imperial Eagle, a bird of prey that is recovering numbers and now it is not considered any more as critically endangered.

But birding in Extremadura & Gredos Mountains is far more, and the area supports many more specialties. The grasslands, covering large areas, host good populations of the impressive Great Bustards along with Larks and Sandgrouses. Here, the numbers of Little Bustards have been decreasing in past years, but it is still possible to enjoy this unique bird. Great Spotted Cuckoos, Collared Pratincoles, and Black-winged Kites are other goodies to enjoy the open lands of this beautiful area.

Another major attraction for birdwatchers coming here is the also endemic Iberian Magpie, a lovely bird living in small flocks and moving in the open oak forests (dehesas). All these areas are also noted for the number of insectivores: Pallid Swifts, Rollers, Bee-eaters, Woodchat Shrikes, Woodlarks, Iberian Grey Shrikes and Lesser Kestrels can be extremely common despite recent decreases. And please don't forget about the recently split Iberian Flycatcher!

Extremadura & Gredos Mountains are not absent from the wetlands. During the tour, we will include some of the best marshes and lagoons in Western Spain. There, we will look for Western Swamphens, Savi's Warblers, Greater Flamingoes, Little Bitterns, White-headed Ducks and Ferruginous Ducks. If lucky, we may enjoy one of the extremely scarce Marbled Teals (better our tours to Morocco for this species), Greater Bittern or Spotted Crake.

But a tour pretending to explore Extremadura or Western Spain cannot be complete without a birding journey to Gredos Mountains. Here, we can find a fine selection of mountain birds along with the impressive Spanish Ibex. Common Rock Thrushes can be common here and share starring with Bluethroat (here you can see the "unknown" blue spotted form!). In addition, the area hosts both Ortolan & Rock Buntings, Water Pipit and Citril Finch (here far more scarce than in the Pyrenees, so even more fun to find!)

Still, if this tour is not for you? No worries, please contact us. We will be happy to build up the perfect birdwatching tour exploring this area and far, far beyond (if necessary). Thanks for reading!

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Alternative Tour Name: Spain in Spring Tour

Day 1
Day 1 - La Mancha Ponds

Meet and wellcome in Madrid Airport or in another place previously agreed. This first day we will explore the variety of endorreical wetlands South of Madrid, so called "La Mancha Húmeda". Here we will enjoy good numbers of White-headed Ducks along with Red-crested Pochard, Purple Heron, Little Bittern, Greater Flamingo and, if lucky, Marbled Teals.

The reedbeds here are great for a variety of birds and we can enjoy Zitting Cisticola, Cetti's Warbler, Eurasian & Great Reed Warblers along with Bearded Tits. A slim number of Moustached Warblers nest in the area, and we will be very lucky if manage to contact with any of them.

While enjoying the flocks of Spanish Sparrows moving around, we will also have time to note the good number of migratory birds. During the last issues of this tour, this pond have produced Pied Avocet, Black-tailed Godwit, Greenshank, Wood Sandpiper, Garganey, Water Pipit and Black-necked Grebe by the same week we do propose you to explore the area. Spotted Crake, Sedge Warbler and Pallid Harrier have also ocurred during our visits here, but they are far more scarce.

After the whole morning enjoying the area we will enjoy a light lunch in a nearby restaurant before the transfer to our accommodation (about 90 minutes). In the afternoon we will have some birding around our accommodation. We can easily have our first views on Black-winged Kite, Cinereous Vulture or even Spanish Imperial Eagle (last day 3 of them in the first walk!). Woodlark, Red-rumped Swallow, Common Cuckoo, European Serin, Sardinian Warbler, Spanish Magpie, Golden Oriole, Woodchat Shrike and Short-toed Snake Eagle all nest inside our resort.

Day 2
Day 2 - Tietar Valley & Arrocampo

This day we will explore the lovely Tietar Valley. Here, a landscape of ancient Holme Oaks will set up the frame for great views on Cinereous Vultures, Griffons, Black Storks, Iberian Flycatcher, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Golden Oriole, Spanish Magpie, Western Orphean Warbler, Kentish Plover and Ruddy Shelduck (a small population nests in sume dumps).

In the afternoon we will explore the Arrocampo wetlands until sunset. Here it is possible to enjoy great views on Savi's Warbler, Little Bittern, Black-winged Kite, Ferruginous Duck, Gull-billed Tern, Penduline Tit and, if lucky, Greater Bittern or Spotted Crake along with a good list of migratory birds.

Day 3
Day 3 - Trujillo

This day we will explore the well known grasslands around Trujillo. There, we expect to enjoy great views on displaying Great Bustards while flocks of Pin-tailed & Black-bellied Sandgrouses are likely to move around. The area host good numbers of Montagu's Harriers and Great Spotted Cuckoos, and we expect to enjoy them both.

The raptor action is always going to be great and Cinereous & Griffons Vultures are going to be always crossing the skies. Along with them Short-toed Snake Eagles, Black Kites and Booted Eagles in a simphony of birds of prey!

In the afternoon we will explore scrublands around that can provide with Subalpine, Western Orphean & Melodious Warblers. A tiny corner of low vegetation host the last Black Wheatears in Western Spain as the bird keeps decreasing as the vegetation is grows in many areas of Iberia. Rock Sparrow, Blue Rock Thrush and Little Owl are other birds that eventually can appear in the area.

Day 4
Day 4 -Gredos Mountains

The Gredos Mountains are the tallest in Central Iberia. A impressive range of mountains climbing over 2.000 metres above the sea level. We will spend most of the day here, exploring different corners.

Even if we will be concentrated in passerines, it is always important to check the skies, as this is a great place to enjoy Golden Eagles. In the scrublands, above the tree line, we will look fot the "blue-spotted" Bluethroats, a nesting form of this shy ground Flycatcher. Dartford Warbler, Ortolan & Rock Buntings, Water Pipit and Citril Finch can also appear in these lush bushlands.

Whereas a rock outcrop appears, we will scan for Common Rock Thrush, a rather elusive wonder of the rocky mountains around the Mediterranean.

In our way up and down the mountains, we will enjoy some stops where we can have views on common forest birds such as Eurasian Robin or Eurasian Jay but also more "wanted" ones like Hawfinch and Firecrest.

Day 5
Day 5 -Monfragüe National Park

This National Park became famous decades ago as one of the easiest place where to see the then very scarce Spanish Imperial Eagle and Black Storks. Nowadays these species have recover a lot and are present is several other areas, but this Natioinal Park keeps being a great place to spend one day.

The park has two famous vulture colonies (one of the few in Extremadura, where there are not many proper places for them to nest) where tens of pairs of Griffons are nesting along with some pairs of Black Stork and 1 or 2 pairs of Egyptian Vulture (this species keeps being extremely scarce in West Spain).

We will spend the morning visiting grasslands for Great Bustards, Little Bustards, Sandgrouses and other species. In the midday we will visit a really interesting wetland South of Gredos where we normally have plenty of activity: 53 Collared Pratincoles, Thekla Lark, Eurasian Black Tern, Kingfisher, Common Waxbill, Temminck's & Little Stints and European Otter in our 2019 visit!

In the afternoon, we will explore Monfragüe itself to enjoy the vultures, Rock Bunting, Blue Rock Thrush, Alpine Swift and, if extremelly lucky, Bonelli's Eagle (only two territories left in this area of Spain).

Day 6
Day 6 - Arrocampo & Tietar Valley

Last day of the tour. We normally drop off the tour participants in mid afternoon in Madrid. This gave us a long morning to enjoy birds, and there is so much to do!

Depending on how we did we can decide to enjoy more Bustards & Sandgrouse or better spend the morning in Gredos for better views on Spanish Ibexes and Common Rock Thrushes.

What we normally do is a early visit to Arrocampo, this wetland is just amazing and Savi's Warbler, Ferruginous Duck or Spotted Crake are well worth a second visit!

Final transfer to Madrid, where we do expect to arrive at mid afternoon.

What is included?

  • Pick up/drop off in your accommodation nearby Madrid International Airport;
  • transportation along the tour; guiding services; breakfasts, lunches and evening meals; accommodation in 3 or 4 stars hotel (depending on availability) in twin room;
  • fees and entrances to natural areas if necessary.

What is not included?

  • Insurances
  • Visa Fees
  • All drinks along the tour out of water;
  • Other unspecified costs in the itinerary
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  1. Excellent experience
    Elizabeth Allen06 Jan 2017







    My husband and I (both seniors and enthusiastic beginners at birdwatching) enjoyed several bird tours with Carles Oliver over several years. We started with a half day tour near Barcelona and, on subsequent visits to Barcelona we went on a one day and then on two three day tours (Pyrenees and Ebro Delta). Carles is a knowledgeable and accommodating guide who made sure we had a great time every time.
  2. Barcelona surroundings
    Maria16 Mar 2018







    One perfect day of birding with Carles Oliver. We visited four different places during the day, and saw and heard many species of warblers and several iberian woodpeckers to mention a few of the species. Carles knew where to find the birds and was a great guide. I really recommend Barcelona Birding Point to all birders.

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