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Birding in Guatemala Coffee Plantations Tour - 10 Days

Birding in Guatemala Coffee Plantations Tour

Trip to Watch Birds in Guatemalan Coffee Plantations

A moderately-paced 10-day Birding in Guatemala Coffee Plantations Tour that is available on request. This birdwatching tour visits the coffee growing locations in Guatemala, which operate in harmony with the native bird life and play an active role in the conservation of these natural areas. It also takes in some of the interesting spots for the ancient Mayan civilisation.

Most of the coffee plantations visited on this Guatemala birding tour lie in the Montane evergreen forest area, where you're sure to find numerous endemic bird species and up to 200 target species. A few lifers are located here, such as Long-tail Manakin, Horned Guan, Resplendent Quetzal and the Pink-headed Warbler. This expedition gives you the chance to both enjoy the splendour of these myriad species while also savouring the different blends of locally produced coffee.

"I enjoy Guatemala enormously. Thanks for everything; such a smooth and enjoyable trip. I'd like to come back some time and explore other places. Thanks for all." Kristine Sowl. Click on the REVIEW tab above to read more.

After arrival in Guatemala City, the first stop on the birdwatching tour will be overnight in the colonial city of Antigua. The following morning you will take a 10-minute drive to your first 'finca' or estate on your Guatemala birding trip: the Filadelfia plantation, where Belted Flycatchers are numerous up in the mountains. On the other side of Antigua and in the foothills of the Agua volcano, Finca El Pilar also offers spectacular views of Fuego, one of the three active volcanoes in Guatemala. 

The Mayan experience will start at Takalik Abaj, where you will be transported to Guatemala's distant past as well as having the opportunity to see the spectacular Motmot with its distinctive long feathered tail. Patrocinio Nature Reserve will amaze you with the active volcano, Santiaguito, and its population of White-bellied Chachalacas. 

Los Andes will be another different experience on this Guatemala birding tour. This is a coffee and tea plantation on the outskirts of the Atitlan volcano, with a convenient birdwatching hide to observe mountain birds such as the Azure-rumped Tanager.

Another coffee plantation, Los Tarrales, will give you the opportunity to make the climb up Atitlan in search of the Horned Guan. Be aware, though, that this can be a difficult climb. The nearby municipal park is ideal for observing the Resplendent Quetzal, Guatemala's national bird.

This birdwatching tour in Guatemala is the perfect trip to stimulate all of your senses with the unforgettable sights and sounds of the country's abundant avian life and the distinctive taste and aroma of Guatemalan coffee.

Birding in Guatemala Coffee Plantations highlights include:

  • Opportunity to see numerous indigenous birds and up to 200 target species
  • Notable birds include Motmots, Horned Guans and Resplendent Quetzals
  • Visit different forest and mountain habitats
  • Spectacular landscape including active volcanoes
  • Chance to sample Guatemala's world-renowned coffee blends

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Alternative tour name: Guatemala Birds and Mayan Culture Tour

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10 Days

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