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Birding Dominican Republic Tour - 10 Days

Birdwatching Dominican Republic, Black-crowned Palm-Tanager
Birding Dominican Republic Tour

Dominican Republic Endemic Bird watching Tour

This is a 10-day Birding Dominican Republic Tour for avid birders. We will learn a little about culture, history, and nature in general too, but the focus is clearly on seeing the country endemics (31 in total) and regional endemics.

When it comes to bird life, Hispaniola benefits from its unique location: It sits on an oceanic archipelago between the Caribbean Sea in the south and the Pacific Ocean in the north, and pretty much in the middle between North and South America. It may not have the high species numbers of other countries in the Americas (though it still counts just over 300 species total), but it has relatively high numbers of endemic and regional endemic species.

In total, Hispaniola boasts 31 strict endemics (that is, species that are not found anywhere else in the world). Besides the strict endemics, Hispaniola is also home to about 20 regional endemics, or species only found in the Caribbean. Then we are not talking yet about the nearly 50 resident sub-species. And on top of that, the island is an important wintering or stopover site for hosts of migratory warblers, ducks, and shorebirds that are a lot easier to see here in winter than in North America in summer, simply because they are concentrated in a much smaller area.

This Birding Dominican Republic Tour is not particularly strenuous. The walks are usually short, and even on the longest hikes restricted to about 3h. We will walk on nature trails, but they generally are relatively flat and not difficult to walk. Of course, we also walk slowly, as we will be birding all the time. Anyone in reasonably good health and with a general level of fitness can take the Dominican Republic birdwatching experience.

On several occasions, birding will be from the car and we will make stops along the way where we walk only short stretches, looking for particular species or following a flock. The car rides can be tiring, especially along Zapotén and Cachote road, where we will be travelling in a 4WD high-clearance vehicle. Roads in those locations are sometimes not even roads but rather dry river beds. However, your endurance will be rewarded with some excellent species.

Other drives, to get us from A to B can take up to 4h on good roads, although we try to limit the long driving days during the tour.

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Alternative Tour Name: Dominican Republic Endemic Birds

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10 Days

Price & Availability

USD3,785 / per person
Single Supplement USD 370
This tour is operated by: Beaks and Peaks
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Tour Facts

  • Dominican Republic
  • On Request
  • Multi-Day Tour
  • Birds
  • 4 to 6 pax
  • 10 days, 9 nights
  • December to May
  • + 5 years
  • Moderate
  • No
  • English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch
  • Santo Domingo: Las Américas International Airport
  • Santo Domingo: Las Américas International Airport
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