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Andes Birding Tour in Colombia - 14 Days

Andes Birding Tour in Colombia

Three Colombian Andes Birdwatching Tour

This a 14-day Andes Birding Tour in Colombia to the three Colombian Andes: Western, Central and Eastern Cordillera plus Chocó bio-region and Cauca valley river specialities.

The Andes: A highly biodiverse and complex ecosystem in the world, this Colombia birding tour is a must in the Neotropic; here we will be visiting the best accessible places in the country to find the Colombian Andes specialities with the bonus of Chocó bioregion and Cauca valley river highlight. Antpittas, Hummingbirds, Tanagers, Woodpeckers, Brush-Finches; aquatic species and many more are part of this complete Andean tour.

The Andes, a sui generis mountain ecosystem and one of the most biodiverse on the earth; when the Spanish conquerors arrived at this land they were astonished by unparalleled nature and complex geography.

Home of precious flying jewels in the form of Hummingbirds, colourful and lovely Tanagers, enigmatic Tapaculos, shy Antpittas; charismatic Puffbirds and Fruiteaters, gracious Parrots; powerful raptors and many other feathered forms displaying every morning diverse and complex songs through the mist of the forest, thanking for a new day; while others dive inactive mixed flocks scrutinizing every neck of the woods.

Colombia is honoured with these three Andes, that in general, share similarity species; but at the same time exhibit outstanding different species, especially when you compare both slopes of each mountain range, that’s why you will find specialities everywhere what makes of this birding tour in Colombia a must in the Neotropic; it offers you the opportunity to find those bird singularities and richness since we visit the best spots in the country to find the endemic, near-endemic; highlights and those ones that you would enjoy every time if you had the chance.

Let's delighted with the colour, sounds and forms of our avifauna where surprising explosive mixed flocks and breathtaking views of quiet species that will catch us for unforgettable moments.

We will be moving from premontane to Páramo ecosystem, passing through a montane and highland forest with a bonus of some specialities from the dry forest in Cauca river valley.

In general the temperatures ranges in the premontane forest: 18-24 °C/64.4-75.2 °F, montane forest: 6-12 °C/42.8-53.6 °F and highland forest to Páramo ecosystem: 5-10 °C / 41-50 °F.

Andes Birding Colombia Tour Highlights Include:

  • Big chances to find around 25 endemic bird species.
  • Finding the last discovered birds species in Colombia in the last years.
  • Birding in a high biodiverse area of Colombia as choco bioregion is.
  • Meeting the mythical and very restricted bird: Chestnut-capped Piha.
  • Visiting ample altitudinal range, from premontane forest to Paramo ecosystem.

Please note: This tour is also available as a private tour on request, all year long of every year. Just define your date visit!

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Alternative Tour Name: The three Colombian Andes: Western, Central and Eastern Cordillera plus Chocó bio-region and Cauca valley river specialties

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14 Days

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Tour Facts

  • Colombia Andes
  • Set Departure
  • Multi-Day Tour
  • Birds
  • 2 to 8 pax
  • 14 Days
  • 15+ Years
  • Moderate
  • English & Spanish
  • José María Córdova International Airport - Medellín
  • El Dorado International Airport - Bogotá
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