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Eagle Photography Tour, Lithuania - 5 Days

Eagle Photography Tour, Lithuania

4Eagles Photo Hides Tour in Lithuania

This 5-day eagle photography tour is a leisurely-paced trip available on request. During this photography tour focusing on eagles, we have specially adapted our itinerary for photographers’ comfort to showcase nature at its best, as you will witness the natural behaviour of the wild birds.

The White-tailed Eagles are residents in Lithuania, and Nemunas Delta is among the most important breeding and wintering grounds for them, laying on one of the biggest migration routes in the world. This means a huge concentration of birds on one spot. Each autumn we start feeding the birds with their natural food – fish, captured in the Curonian Lagoon and surrounding lakes and rivers, helping the Eagles to survive the rough winters.


Lithuania is the southernmost Baltic Country here along the East coast of the Curonian shoreline, local fish farms are offering a free meal for the mighty bird of prey, but once the cold weather strikes, they are in trouble, so we offer them once per week fresh fish, so they are used to the permanent hides and we get a close view to the beauty of those magical birds. The season is starting at the end of October and ends in the first week of April.

That is why this eagle photography tour is at Neman’s river delta – a location where you will evidence the largest gatherings of these fascinating raptors. We offer our guests the opportunity to choose not only the hide (4Egles Meadow or 4Eagles Raptor we call them) but also distance depending on available optics, direction and POV. The hides were established back in 2016 and witnesses up to 27 White-tailed Eagles at one time. We chose carefully locations so we have a hide with a forest main background and another with pastures and a line of trees.


One of the main rules in the hide is to not speak loud, when weather conditions are most suitable we get the best light conditions so in order to get the best shots we are changing the hides depending on wind direction, as we want to get Eagles landing straight against your lenses. Also for best results, we construct a hide that allows you to shoot as low as possible, which helps to reduce the focusing plain, and all the photos you get are with smooth background and sharp detailed photos of the main object.

The next point of interest is temperatures and comfort in the hide – we are making our best to give you a nicer stay in the hide which can start at 6:30 and we will go out only when the darkness is back. So to be able to sit in the hide with up to 6-7 more people we equipped both hides with LPG heaters and bio WC in a separate compartment. The best about our hides is they are next to the accommodation, near the fishponds and are on private land. Food and soft drinks will be served for lunch in lunchboxes for each participant.

We will choose meadow or forest hide depending on wind direction and visit each hide with all the group during your stay. Lithuanian eagle photography tour focuses on wilderness and full of stars skies will follow every evening back to the Ecolodge, where warm homemade food will waiting for us after a long day in the hides. We will discuss the plan for the next day and will help you choose the right lens and camera settings during the workshop. You are lucky, to be at one of the best places in Lithuania for White-tailed Eagles and Red foxes, Common and Rough-legged Buzzards are a few of the objects you will able to photograph during your stay. For the best dates please contact us prior to your enquire.

**snowy conditions are not rare, but as you can expect the Earth is getting warmer caused by Global warming, so we cannot guarantee there will be any or some snowy days during the season.

Eagle Photography Tour highlights include:

  • We will look for some of the biggest birds of prey species in ridiculous numbers (up to 27 in February 2020) and also is the best time of the year to find them next to our hides. So it’s not a common wildlife photography tour, it is more like a BBC natural-heritage movie on a very wide (6m) screen watched from the comfy office chairs behind a one-way mirror glass, but the best is you don’t shoot through the glass, but even lower for best results and without losing precious light. We will show you the magic of Nature photography if you are a beginner or offer you artistic light condition if your photography is on a higher level.
  • We will start with the main topic of the tour – White-tailed Eagle hides rules on arrival. They are strict and will guarantee you and your tour mates best result if you assist us, and birds will be flying in massive flocks over the hide, not only flying but also a close-up of those gorgeous birds of prey just a few meters from your lens and they will give you the chance to capture this feathered giants fighting over the “meal” we offer them, mainly fresh local fish or in some cases roadkill, which will let them survive in the coming winter months.
  • If the weather allows we have snowy, stormy and bright sunny conditions. It is a great place to take award-winning shots for some of the World prestige’s photo contests, and here we can give you the freedom to choose the light direction, angle of view, there are 32 lens exits to find on one fits best to your view. Places in each hide are at all 7 per each hide that is the first and only in Lithuania. And this is just not all that we could offer.
  • Autumn is not only exciting because of the birds, but it’s also the colours of the forest in the background that make your photos even more beautiful. And this means we will have a chance to enjoy this mystical foggy morning and meet those 2,5m wingspan kings of the sky with the sunset light in their feathers. Also, winter is one of the most beautiful seasons, with all white of the snow or the morning frost and weather can be extremely beautiful or dramatic. So be ready for everything and join us on this special tour.
  • If wind and sun direction is the right one, you will see also the artistic opportunities you only can dream about while watching Wild Life Photographer of the Year contest catalogues. So charge your batteries, bring enough memory and we promise you will leave our hides with a big smile on your face and future plans to come back again.

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Alternative Tour Name: 4Eagles Wild Life Photography Hides Tour

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5 Days

Price & Availability

EUR1,330 / per person
Based on twin/double room
Single Supplement EUR 80
This tour is operated by: Alcedo WildLife Tours
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Tour Facts

  • Nemunas Delta, Lithuania
  • On Request
  • Multi-Day Tour
  • Birds
  • 5 Days
  • Mid January till April
  • 18+ years
  • Leisurely
  • Yes
  • English, Lithuanian, Bulgarian, Russian
  • Vilnius Airport or Contact us to know
  • Vilnius Airport or Contact us to know
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