Chris Larsen

Blue Sky Wildlife - Chris Larsen
Managing Director, BluSky Marketing.  Has over 25 years of marketing experience and successfully grown the businesses involvement at the Birdfair since 2009.  Chris has been instrumental in bringing to life the Blue Sky Wildlife website, is passionate about travel and supporting the world-class tour operators.

Tim Appleton (MBE)

Blue Sky Wildlife - Tim Appleton
Co-founder, Birdfair. Established the Birdfair over 30 years ago, has received an MBE for his exceptional work in conservation internationally and is an authority in the wildlife industry.  Tim has played a major role in the development of Blue Sky Wildlife through his wealth of knowledge, passion for wildlife and conservation.

Richard Goodchild

Blue Sky Wildlife - Richard Goodchild
Digital Consultant. Richard has been working with and for BluSky Marketing for over 10 years, has established himself as a digital guru with his wealth of knowledge and expertise.  Richard has brought to life the initial Blue Sky Wildlife concept and has been instrumental in the launch of the website with his dedication to the wildlife cause.

Katie Larsen

Blue Sky Wildlife - Katie Larsen
Director, BluSky Marketing. Has over 13 years of experience working within the BluSky Marketing team and has played a key role in the success of the business’s growth in supporting clients at the Birdfair since 2009.  Katie plays a significant role in looking after all clients, ensuring the personal touch and exceptional customer care.