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Chris Larsen

Founding Team Member | Director: Has over 30 years of marketing experience and has successfully grown his involvement at the Birdfair since 2009 via his original business BluSky Marketing.  Chris has been instrumental in bringing to life the Blue Sky Wildlife website, is passionate about travel, and supporting the world-class tour operators.

Tim Appleton

Founding Team Member: Tim Appleton MBE is the co-founder of the UK’s hugely successful annual Birdfair, the largest wildlife event in the world which has raised over £5,000,000 for BirdLife International and other conservation initiatives. In early 2016 he helped launch Blue Sky Wildlife as part of the team. Now he is embarking on a new venture, a Global Bird Weekend.

Richard Goodchild

Founding Team Member: Richard has established himself as a digital guru with his wealth of knowledge and expertise.  He has brought to life the initial Blue Sky Wildlife concept and has been instrumental in the original launch of the website with his dedication to the wildlife cause, and relaunch of the new website.

Walid Bin Alam

Customer Services. Walid recently joined the team and is the main contact point for all wildlife tour operators, assisting in showcasing their tours in the best possible light to a global audience.  Walid offers exceptional customer support and enthusiasm to the Blue Sky Wildlife team.

Katie Larsen

Social Media. Has over 16 years of experience working within the BluSky Marketing team and has played a key role in the success of the business’s growth in supporting clients at the Birdfair since 2009.  For Blue Sky Wildlife, Katie’s involvement is predominantly around social media where she loves to bring the fun dimension.

Sheena Harvey

Editorial Consultant. Sheena has been the editor of six UK national magazine titles, including Bird Watching, Wild Travel and BBC Wildlife. She has also been a judge on a number of high profile wildlife photography competitions. She loves providing entertaining, informative and educational wildlife articles to help nature watchers have the best experiences at home and on holiday.

Stephen Moss

Contributor. Stephen has been working with Blue Sky Wildlife since mid 2017, writing a number of blogs and articles covering Peru, Spain and Birdwatching per se.  He is a renowned birder, author and wildlife TV producer, who leads beginners’ birding tours for Somerset Birdwatching Holidays.

Jennifer Lane

Contributor. Jennifer is a freelance nature and outdoor writer based in Manchester. She has a varied career in magazine publishing and has written for the RSPB and British Vogue about her ‘unusual’ birdwatching hobby.  In 2018 she won a Northern Writers’ Award for fiction and is currently working on her third novel for children.

Rebecca Gibson

Contributor. Rebecca is a wildlife writer and photographer based in Scotland. She enjoys inspiring others to connect to the natural world with immersive storytelling on her blog. Rebecca has contributed to publications including BBC Wildlife and Hertfordshire Life and is currently a Nature Editor for Bloom in Doom magazine. When she isn’t writing, Rebecca paints wildlife portraits with watercolours.

Ed Hutchings

Contributor. Best known for his wildlife journalism, contributing to publications including BBC Wildlife, Birdwatch, Birdwatching and Nature’s Home, Ed also has a strong background in wildlife conservation. He has previously worked for the RSPB at Symonds Yat Rock in Gloucestershire and surveyed Nightingales for the British Trust for Ornithology.

September 2020