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Birdwatching in Spain

The Key to Birdwatching in Spain is the Variety of Habitats. Of all the many countries in Europe, few can boast such a variety of birds and other wildlife as Spain. From lammergeiers to Spanish imperial eagles, and Iberian lynxes to Eurasian brown bears, Spain …

Best Birding Trip in Spain?

Psst… wanna know the real reason why the Spanish take siestas? It’s not because of hot days or Rioja-lubricated lunches – although both may contribute, I admit. No, the actual reason is that birdwatching in Spain is so exciting that you need an hour’s downtime …

Flyway Feasting

Migratory birds need to feed up en route, and so do birders!  Niki Williamson of the Inglorious Bustards brings you four of the best places to experience the ebb and flow of the East Atlantic Flyway, and where to rest and refuel while you´re doing …

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