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Spain’s Bird Watching Gems

We let you into the secret to some of the best places to watch birds in Spain. While Spain is renowned for possessing some of Europe’s (in fact, the world’s) greatest bird watching opportunities, it also has plenty of hidden gems, to be enjoyed by …

Best Birding Trip in Spain?

Nature and travel writer James Lowen recommends some of his favourite birding holiday spots in Spain at every time of year. Psst… wanna know the real reason why the Spanish take siestas? It’s not because of hot days or Rioja-lubricated lunches – although both may …

Birding Cádiz Adventures

Birding Cádiz Province Birdwatching in Cádiz offers two of Spain’s iconic birding sites – the Strait of Gibraltar and Doñana – a migration bottleneck and a wetland wilderness. Admittedly, not all of Doñana sits in the province, but some of it does, and with low-cost …

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