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Scarlet Macaw
The national bird of Honduras. A Majestic bird with bright red plumage with yellow and blue highlights. It represented sunrise for the ancient Maya and called it “Mo”. In the ancient city of Copan, you will have the opportunity to see them roaming wild among temples and stelae, as part of a liberation and reintroduction project that we have been involved with.
Violet Sabrewing
When you first spot this hummingbird, your reaction will be ¡wow! A stunning violet color with its elegant long, curved bill, looking for nectar in wild flowers of the tropical wet forests or pine and oak forest; and fiercely protecting its territory. Can be found along both the Atlantic and Pacific regions
Northern Emerald-Toucanet
This medium-sized member of the Toucan family has beautiful green plumage, and is characteristics of tropical forests. It moves in small groups on the forest canopy looking for fruits. It can easily blend in with the forest leaf color. Honduras has a total of six species of Toucan, where you can also see the stunning keel-billed Toucan
Unicolor Jay
An intensely colored Jay, found in the highlands between 1200 and 2400 meters above sea level in broadleaf, perennial forests as well as in pine and oak forests. An endemic species of the Mesoamerican region, relatively rare. It can be seen in mixed flocks with other species. In total, you can find eight different species of Jays in a trip to Honduras
Ocellated Quail
This is a very evasive and secretive quail, easily blending to its surroundings of the forest floor. It has a beautiful plumage. Usually found in small groups in pine and oak forests, or along quiet back country roads and clean trails in the early morning or evening. An endemic species to the Mesoamerican region, stretching from southern Mexico to northern Nicaragua.
Turquoise-browed Motmot
This is an impressive motmot with beautiful colors. Easy to find in dry forests, semi-open areas and even near gardens. Identifiable by turquoise blue eyebrow and wings and large tail raquets. They are Cliff dwellers, nesting in burrows of soil. It is one of seven species of Motmot that you can see in Honduras, along with Keel-billed Motmot, Blue-throated Motmot, Tody Motmot. In a Mayan tongue they are called Xukpi, the inspiration for our company’s name.
Fulvous Owl
An owl found in the highlands of Honduras, is practically an endemic bird of the Mayan World found from Southern Mexico to Honduras. It is a relatively large owl with features similar to North America’s Barred Owl with horizontal markings across its chest
Wine-throated Hummingbird
In ancient Mesoamerican cultures, hummingbirds represented brave warriors, because of the fierceness in protecting their territory. In the family of hummingbirds, it is definitely a treat to see the tiny Wine-throated Hummingbird displaying its bright red throat.
Honduran Emerald
Honduras has more than 40 registered species of hummingbirds, including the endemic Honduran Emerald. It favours tropical dry forests in northern and central Honduras. For its limited range, it is a prized endemic species for world birders, with a beautiful blue and green throat.
Resplendent Quetzal
The emblematic bird of Central American cloud forests. It is a member of the Trogon family, and a favorite of many birders for its elegant long tail, and beautiful green plumage. The R Quetzal was a mythical bird to the ancient Maya, considered a “feathered serpent” for its long tail and undulating flight. Honduras has several great spots for observing the R Quetzal


Xukpi Tours is known for providing support to projects and initiatives related to sustainable tourism. We provide technical assistance to local community stakeholders and organizations working in protecting and conserving our country’s cultural and natural resources.

In regards to the conservation of birds we have worked with many other organizations in western Honduras to declare Copan “The Sacred Valley of the Scarlet Macaw”.  With the purpose to protect the habitat for this bird, a symbol in Mayan culture, to thrive. As part of the initiative, a yearly event, Guacamaya Fest, is organized and Xukpi Tours is involved during the event in organizing birding activities and talks promoting bird knowledge and conservation for school children.

In order to advance the knowledge and appreciation of birds, specially the more than 400 species registered in the Copan Valley, we have created signage and printed material to help locals and visitors identify the different species in Copan.

Mister Yobani Peraza, founder and lead guide of Xukpi Tours, is also since 1991 a founding member of the Copan Tour Guide Association and has worked for many years in helping improve the level and expertise of its 21 active members.

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