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Starting From NZD 280 / per person

New Zealand Birdwatching Trips

New Zealand 1 Days
Starting From NZD 500 / per person

New Zealand Birding Tour

New Zealand 21 Days
Starting From NZD 11,999 / per person
Chances to see Northern brown kiwi, Little spotted kiwi, Okarito kiwi, and Southern brown kiwi. Members of the endemic kiwi family.
New Zealand storm-petrel
Rediscovered in 2003 by Brent and Sav who run Wrybill Birding Tours, NZ.
Our namesake – the only bird in the World with a beak bent to one side! An endearing shorebird.
New Zealand’s alpine parrot, found only in the South Island, and a member of the endemic New Zealand parrot family.
A beautiful forest bird, related to the saddleback, and members of the endemic New Zealand wattlebird family.
Rock wren
Only found in the South Island, and related to the more widespread rifleman, both are members of the endemic New Zealand wrens family.
A quirky forest bird, and single member of the endemic Notiomystidae family.
Stunning South Island member of the New Zealand creeper family, which also includes whitehead and brown creeper (pipipi).
Yellow-eyed penguin
One of the World’s rarest penguins, found around Southern New Zealand.
New Zealand wandering albatross
One of the largest flying birds in the World and endemic breeder on the New Zealand subantarctic islands.

Whilst we do not offer conservation programmes, we are required to hold a Department of Conservation and Auckland Regional Council concession to operate on conservation land.  As part of this some of your guiding fee goes back into the conservation and continued protection of these areas.

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