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From southern Europe to central China, the wallcreeper is a tiny passerine bird that inhabits the high mountains of the Palearctic. It is the sole surviving member of the families Tichodromidae and the genus Tichodroma.
Rosy Starlings
The rosy starling, commonly known as the rose-colored starling or rose-colored pastor, is a passerine bird in the starling family, Sturnidae. The species was recently separated from Sturnus and placed in its own monotypic genus, Pastor.
Red-breasted Geese
The red-breasted geese, a member of the genus Branta from Eurasia, has striking markings. The IUCN has given it a vulnerable status as of right now.
Golden Eagle
A raptor found in the Northern Hemisphere is the golden eagle. It is the eagle species that is most widely distributed. It is a member of the Accipitridae family, like all eagles. They rank among the most well-known raptors in the Northern Hemisphere.
Demoiselle Cranes
A type of crane called the demoiselle crane can be found in central Europe, from the Black Sea to Mongolia and north-eastern China. Turkey too has a tiny breeding population. These cranes travel in flocks.
Tulipa urumoffi
The single, yellow to reddish-brown, bowl-shaped flowers of this tulip are carried on strong, tall stems that contain several smooth leaves with hairy tips. The preferred spring bulb for ages has been the tulip. This bulb is classified as an annual where summers are hot and long since it thrives where summers are dry and winters are cold. Tulips are a genus with over 100 species that are split into 15 distinct divisions.
Red-breasted Flycatcher
A little passerine bird belonging to the Old World flycatcher family is the red-breasted flycatcher. It breeds over Central Asia and eastern Europe, and it is migratory, spending the winter in south Asia. It frequently migrates through western Europe, as opposed to the collared flycatcher, which breeds farther east.

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