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Birding Central Argentina Tour

Argentina 14 Days
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Hooded Grebe
A highly localized grebe species restricted to southern Patagonia, likely to be seen on the birding and wildlife tours in western Patagonia.
One of South America’s top cats frequently found on the Pantanal tours.
Harpy Eagle
The most impressive bird of prey in the Neotropics usually found on many of the tours to Brazil.
Southern Right Whale
One of the friendliest whale species, easily seen in Eastern Patagonia, where it breeds.
Magellanic Woodpecker
The second largest Woodpecker on earth, and a Patagonian Forest dweller usually seen on one of the southern Patagonia tours.
Widely distributed in the Americas, this cat is especially common in Andean Patagonia, where clients usually get fantastic close up views, allowing great photography.
Green-headed Tanager
A colourful tanager commonly seen in north-eastern Argentina. One of the many Neotropical tanager species that you can see on tours offered.
The most amazing hunting toothed whale on earth, which we usually find at the ends of southern hemisphere summer at the Valdes Peninsula, where the hunt sea-lion from the shore.
Andean Cock-of-the-rock
One of the most spectacular birds of the subtropical Andean Forests, usually found on either a tour to Peru or Bolivia.
Giant Anteater
An odd looking ant-eating land mammal, commonly seen on the southern Brazil tour.

Trogon Tours’ staff members have a strong background in nature conservation, and the company is committed to preserve and protect South America’s natural habitats and wildlife.

Every year we will select one or more conservation projects underway in regions that we visit during the tours offered and help those projects raise funds to achieve their goals. The selection criteria prioritises those projects working on habitats as a whole, and including local researchers and communities since they believe that nature is a whole. No link in the “chain of life” should be left out of any conservation effort.

One conservation project is the “Seabird Ecology and Conservation in Northern Patagonia”.

Development of coastal environments in Argentina during recent decades has brought increasing pressure on coastal wildlife. Habitat modification and disturbance are important threats to many breeding and foraging bird populations, and have led to growing concern due to the rapid growth of unregulated tourism, recreation, and resource extraction activities. In addition, growing commercial fisheries and industries that generate pollution are affecting biodiversity in both coastal and pelagic waters. Seabirds are important components of these marine environments, and due to their demographic characteristics and colonial habits, they are vulnerable to some human activities.

Your contribution is crucial to keep these conservation efforts going and to help save Patagonian seabird populations for future generations.

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