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Harpy Eagle Tour, Brazil

Brazil 6 Days
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Saffron Toucanet
The Saffron Toucanet is considered one of the jewels of the Atlantic rainforest. Travelling in groups of up to 10 individuals, these beautiful birds can be found on several of the guided excursions we offer. They can sometimes be seen on the feeders at Itororo Lodge during the winter months (June - September) on our 8 day Atlantic Forest tour.
Variegated Antpitta
The Variegated Antpitta is a very cryptic bird found in the Atlantic Rainforest. Its haunting call can be heard almost daily at dawn and dusk, but if you want to see it you have to be very patient! It's camouflaged plumage allows it to move unnoticed by the untrained eye around the forest floor but with a bit of effort this bird can be seen well.
Giant River Otter
The Giant River Otter can be seen on our tours to the Pantanal. These wonderful creatures will keep you entertained and offer fantastic photographic opportunities whilst they fish in their small family parties. These otters are very inquisitive mammals and can often come right up to the side of the boat.
White-throated Hummingbird
The White-throated Hummingbird is an Atlantic Rainforest endemic and is common on the nectar feeders at Itororo lodge. These chunky hummingbirds often dominate the feeders chasing off other stunning hummingbirds including Violet-capped Woodnymph, Brazilian Ruby and Black Jacobin.
Black-cheeked Gnateater
The Black-cheeked Gnateater is found at lower elevations of up to 700m in the Atlantic Rainforest. This bird stays very low to the ground and can often been heard with its high pitched "zitting" calls coming from deep in the forest. With a little effort this wonderful little endemic will often come close, perching on a nearby vine or branch.
Bare-throated Bellbird
A member of the Cotinga family, the Bare-throated Bellbird is an obvious resident in the higher elevations of the Atlantic Rainforest during the summer months (September through to February). With its loud and repetitive call it can be easily spotted perched out on a protruding tree, calling away endlessly whilst holding its territory and trying to attract a female.
Blond-crested Woodpecker
The Blond-crested Woodpecker can be seen on our Atlantic Rainforest tour and is always a popular bird to see! With its punky hairdo it really does have the wow factor! Although a nervous bird, it can sometimes be seen on the Itororo lodge feeders, allowing fantastic photographic opportunities.
Red-necked Tanager
The Red-necked Tanager can be seen on our Atlantic Rainforest tours. It belongs to the family of tangara Tanagers and is truly stunning! These birds can often be found in mixed tanager flocks with other stunning birds including Green-headed Tanagers, equally as colourful and amazing!
The mighty Jaguar can be seen on our tours to the Pantanal. Over the years with the increased protection and conservation efforts, this beautiful mammal can now be observed (from the safety of a boat), offering excellent photographic opportunities. Although never guaranteed, chances of seeing Jaguar are very high indeed.
Hyacinth Macaws
Another firm favourite on our Pantanal tours is the Hyacinth Macaw. These can be seen very well with many opportunities for photographs as they breed within easy reach of a couple of the lodges we stay at. These "gaudy and raucous" birds can be heard coming from a mile away as they fly in and are no doubt one of the highlights on our Pantanal tours.

Andy first visited Brazil back in 1995 when he stayed on a farm just 1.5 hours drive north-east of Rio de Janeiro. Over the course of the following 3 years, Andy together with the landowners started what has now become one of the most successful conservation projects in Brazil.

Serra dos Tucanos Birding Tours has also for many years been a corporate sponsor of the Neotropical Bird Club.

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