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James's Flamingo by James Lowen
James's Flamingo is one of the three flamingo species that inhabit the Altiplano lakes and can be seen in our Northwest Argentina tours.
Tucuman Mountain-Finch by James Lowen
One of the main targets in our Northwest Argentina tours is the endemic Tucuman Mountain-Finch
Rufous-throated Dipper by Germán Pugnali
Of all the Dipper species in the world, Rufous-throated has the more localized distribution -mostly in Argentina- and can be seen in our tours to the Northwest of the country.
Black-fronted Piping-Guan by Germán Pugnali
Many species of guans are threatened due to habitat loss and hunting pressure. Fortunately the Black-fronted Piping-Guan finds shelter in the protected areas we visit during of Northeastern Argentina tours.
Green-headed Tanager by Hernán Rodríguez Goñi
Many colourful species like this Green-headed Tanager can be seen in the Atlantic Rainforest habitats visited during our Northeastern Argentina tours.
Salinas Monjita by Germán Pugnali
An endemic species of xerophytic habitats surrounding salt pans, the beautiful Salinas Monjita is one of the targets in our Central Argentina tours.
Black-legged Seriema by Hernán Rodríguez Goñi
Both species of Seriemas can be seen in our tours to Northern Argentina, but the more localized distribution of Black-legged Seriema makes it a highly desired tick!
Olrog's Gull by Germán Pugnali
Olrog's Gull is a highly localized species of Argentina's coast, where it breeds exclusively. It is one of the most sought after species of our tours to the Pampas South from Buenos Aires.
Austral Rail by James Lowen
With no records for nearly half a century, the Austral Rail was rediscovered in 1998 (during one of our scoutings!) and we kept showing it with high success thereafter.
Hooded Grebe by James Lowen
A Critically endangered species, the Hooded Grebe is one of the stars of our tours.

All members of our team are active in the field of nature conservation and firmly believe that sustainable tourism is only possible where business benefits the environment. In 2008 we were honored to be the host travel company during the BirdLife World Conservation Congress held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Today we continue supporting this and other NGOs towards fulfilling their aims by helping them with their various projects. Most of our team guides volunteer as regional reviewers for E-bird project (Cornell University / BirdLife Argentina).

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