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Egyptian Vulture
It is the smallest vulture in Europe, Africa and Asia. They are migrant birds and summer visitors in Europe.
Spanish Imperial Eagle
Endemic raptor habiting mostly the Southwest part of Iberian Peninsula. It is similar in size to the Golden Eagle. They are depending on the rabbit's density as food source.
Iberian Lynx
Most threatened feline in the world. They are smaller than the European Lynx and their populations are mostly concentrated in Sierra de Andújar and Doñana, both natural protected areas in Andalusia, South Spain.
Little Bustard
With clearly decreasing numbers this bird is dependent on the fallow fields where they display in mating season with characteristics jumping and singing that make the males conspicuous.
Collared Patricole
Migratory shorebird breeding in flat sandy or rolling stone areas usually near the coastline. Its elegant pattern of black and brown feathers, besides its long wings, makes a very nice bird for wildlife photographers.
Audouin’s Gull
Endemic Mediterranean gull. Slightly smaller than the Yellow-legged Gull, with a deep red bill and green legs. It is very dependent on fisheries wasting. In Ebro Delta, there is one of the biggest breeding colonies.
Great Bustard
Massive bird. The biggest flying bird in Europe, in fact. They do spectacular mating displays called foam bath as their white underparts feathers are inflated during the display.
Iberian Ibex
Wild Goat living in different mountain areas in the Iberian Peninsula. The males have long curved backwards horns.
Bonelli’s Eagle
Probably the most iconic of the big Eagles in the Mediterranean basin. The adults show a characteristic white belly. They breed in low mountains, very often close to human populations as they can prey on rock doves. Their conservation status leads them to be one of the flag species in wildlife conservation.
Huge bird with more than 2,80 m wingspan. This bird of prey diet is based only in bones. They take iron-rich mud baths for staining their feathers and so they look orange in their underparts. They breed in the Pyrenees and other mountains in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Collaboration in Montagu’s Harrier Nest Rescue. We collaborate by locating the nest in the wheat or barley fields and report directly to the local rangers in charge of protecting nests from harvest machine.

Supplying Save Feeing Points for Lammergeier, free of poison or diclofenac. Our carrion supply is coming from the ecologic slaughterhouse.

Economic revenue to a part of our incomes to local farmers having important birds in their lands as Little Bustard, Hoopoa, Montagu’s Harrier, etc.

Setting Nestboxes.

Land Management for making small fallow fields for the Little Bustard conservation.


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