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Andean Avocet
An unmistakable bird with a strongly upturned black bill (the amount of curve of the bill differentiates male from female) with black upper parts and a white head, underparts and tail, bluish-grey legs and red eyes.
Andean Condor
This is one of the heaviest flying birds in the world at up to 13.6kg, and with an impressive wingspan of 3.2 meters. It will swoop down to within just a couple of meters above your head!
Black Metaltail
An endemic hummingbird with almost all black or dark brown plumage and an iridescent green gorget, small white postocular spot and bronzy-purplish colored tail.
The smallest and most elegant of the South American camelids, with the finest wool of the world. A kilogram of its wool could cost 400 US dollars. You can buy garments made with this wool in local shops in Arequipa.
Black-necked Woodpecker
Another of the endemic birds that can be found on a tour tot he Colca Valley, with a pale yellowish back streaked with black lines, a red crown and whitish cheeks. It is very fond of perching atop a cactus.
Chilean Flamingo
One of the three species of flamingoes that can be found in the Andes. You can see it both along the coast and in the high Andes. It is said that the Peruvian flag was inspired by the color pattern of its plumage.
Diademed Sandpiper Plover
A mythical and very sought after bird for the avid birder, quite cryptic in spite of its colorful attire. It lives at very high altitude, around 4,500m, in Distichia sp. bogs.
Giant Hummingbird
As its name implies, it is the biggest hummingbird in the world!. It has a characteristic flying behavior with very slow wingbeats, more reminiscent of a swift or swallow. It shows a whitish or pale rump.
Puna Snipe
Another cryptic bird with a very long bill and yellowish legs that lives in high altitude bogs or close to humid habitats.
Yellow-billed Tit-Tyrant
A very cute looking bird, with two crests at the sides of its head and streaked underparts. A very active flycatcher of the Andes.
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