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Iran Safari Tour

Iran 9 Days
Starting From USD 1,085 / per person
Persian Leopards
Tandoureh national park is home to the largest population of Persian leopards.
Wild Boars
Forests in Golestan national park go lush green in spring and summer and cast their shadows over the wild boars that surprisingly, are accustomed to the presence of humans and can be found along the road.
Brown Bears
You can walk among different areas of Golestan national park from green mixed forests towards mountainous or semi-arid steppes to see brown bears
Urial Sheep
While exploring in Tandoureh national park and the green mountainous paths of this amazing park, you would see urial sheep upon the cliffs strongly standing with their gorgeous curled horns.
Asiatic cheetahs
During your visit, you may have the chance to see different families of Asiatic cheetahs living in different spots of the national parks of Iran
Jebeer Gazelles
Within its stunning vegetation, Kavir National Park has been home to the largest population of jebeer (or Indian) gazelles.

Visit Our Iran focus is on conservation projects in Iran also about environmental protection in the protected areas. In recent years we have developed experiences with the cooperation of local communities, wildlife rangers where the majority of revenue is delivered to the local community, and part of the benefit is raised for a conservation project in protected areas. We have decreased the conflict between local people living in protected environments, rangers, and wild animals by finding ways to help the environment and locals in Iran. Also have increased local’s willingness to learn new ways to live with nature. The conservation project in Iran is one more thing that unites our people, to make our planet a beautiful place to live.

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