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Primate Safari in Rwanda Tour

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Rwanda 8 Days
Starting From USD 6,716 / per person
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Chimpanzees in Nyungwe are an endangered primate species that are only found in Nyungwe National Park in Rwanda, which is the oldest tropical mountain rain forest. This is the only ancient forest that managed to stay green during the ice age. Watch them as they go about their daily lives, from grooming, foraging, and even enjoying sex.
The Cape Buffalo
Also known as the Africa Buffalo (Syncerus caffer caffer), the Cape Buffalo is a common sight in Akagera National Park. They move in huge herds, but if you do bump into a solitary on, be on the lookout because they can be very dangerous.
Angolan Black & White Colobus Monkey
One of the best things about touring Nyungwe Forest National Park, the oldest tropical rain forest, is that this is where you find the largest numbers of colobus monkeys in the world, ranging up to 450 individuals. This number is larger than any other groups recorded for this species. Enjoy trekking through the forest and see how they go about their daily routines.
This is one of the most dangerous animals much as it does not look at it. Visit them in Akagera National Park’s Lake Ihema. You can take a boat ride and watch them in the water. They are night grazers and spend most of the day in the lake
The East African Impala
This impala can be seen in Akagera National Park, a vast savanna where they coexist with other animals. On a lucky day, you could even watch as one of the big cats preys on them. But remember, these folks can run pretty fast.
Known as the king of the jungle, when they roar you can think there is an earthquake. Watch them in Akagera National Park as they laze or hunt down their next meal.
Silverbacked Mountain Gorilla’s
These are huge and gentle creatures, endangered and only found in the Virunga mountains. The Virunga Mountains run through Uganda, DRC, and Rwanda. The Rwanda trekking trails are the safest and best way to spend time with the families of gorilla’s. just remember not to stare the males in the eyes of they will think you are challenging them and attack.
Red Throated Sunbird
This brightly coloured bird is one of the species you will find in Nyungwe and Volcanoes national parks. Carry your bird checklist and binoculars as you look for the red-throated sunbird.
The Black Rhino
This is an endangered species that once roamed the Akagera plains. They were depleted due to poaching but the Rwandan government imported some from the Czech republic. They now once again roam the plains, an experience you won’t want to miss.
Ruwenzori Turaco
Native to the Albertine Rift, the Ruwenzori Turaco can be spotted in Nyungwe and the Volcanoes national parks. They can be found in pairs or small groups. They give “kow” calls like other turacos, but also make odd squirrel-like scolding calls and a 3-part “laser-gun” call.

Palast Tours & Travel are on the forefront of conserving the gorilla’s, working with the Rwanda Development Board, the Rwanda Chamber of Tourism, and the Rwanda Tour & Travel Association.

  • Amazing trip
    Primate Safari in Rwanda Tour
    Zama M. Coco19 Dec 2020
    After a long time indoors due to the pandemic I decided to go on primate safari to Rwanda. and it turned out to be the best experience ever with the best memories. I had a chance to visit Gorillas for the first time in volcanoes National Park, it was an amazing experience, we hiked the mountain for almost 2 hours to reach the beautiful creatures and it was worth it. The place is very breathtaking, green and so clean. We also visited golden monkeys and these sharp animals made our day. Briefly, it was an unforgettable trip. Thank you Palast Tours& Travels for an amazing experience.
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