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The largest living cat species and a member of the Panthera genus is the tiger. It can be identified by its orange fur with white underside and dark vertical lines. It is an apex predator that mostly targets ungulates like deer and wild boar.
Steppe Eagle
The steppe eagle is a sizable raptor. It is a member of the Accipitridae family, like all eagles. The steppe eagle's well-feathered legs show that it belongs to the Aquilinae subfamily, also called the "booted eagles."
Spiny-tailed Lizard
The spiny-tailed lizard, uromastyces, mastigures, and dabb lizard are all members of the genus Uromastyx, which includes both African and Asian agamid lizards. In addition to occasionally eating insects and other small animals, particularly young lizards, lizards in the genus Uromastyx are largely herbivorous.
Grey Hypocolius
A small species of passerine bird is the grey hypocolius, often known as the hypocolius. It is classified as the only member of the family Hypocoliidae and the lone member of the genus Hypocolius.
Greater Painted Snipe
A species of wader belonging to the Rostratulidae family is the greater painted-snipe. It can be found in wetlands throughout South Asia, South-east Asia, and Africa.
Glossy Ibis
The glossy ibis is a water bird that belongs to the ibis and spoonbill family Threskiornithidae and the order Pelecaniformes. The scientific name, which refers to the peculiar shape of the bill, is derived from the Ancient Greek plegados and the Latin falcis, both of which imply "sickle."
Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouse
A type of sandgrouse is the common or chestnut-bellied sandgrouse. It is a sedentary and nomadic species that lives in western and southern Asia as well as northern and central Africa. Six recognized subspecies exist.
Short-eared Owl
A widespread grassland species in the Strigidae family is the short-eared owl. Asio owls are known as "eared owls" because of the feather tufts on their heads that resemble mammalian ears. There may or may not be apparent "ear" tufts.
Short-toed Snake Eagle
The short-toed eagle, sometimes known as the short-toed snake eagle, is a medium-sized member of the Accipitridae family of diurnal raptors, which also includes kites, buzzards, and harriers. The word "eagle" and the word "hawk" in Ancient Greek are combined to form the genus name Circaetus.
Indian Thick-knee
The family Burhinidae includes the Indian stone-curlew, often known as the Indian thick-knee. Previously, it was considered to be a subspecies of the Eurasian stone-curlew. The plains of Southeast Asia are where this species can be found.

The conservation efforts of Our Indian Tours are truly one of a kind. We have worked to rehabilitate the habitat of the White-naped Tit (Nahargarh), restored Man Sagar lake as a prominent birding habitat in Jaipur, and host Environmental Education Workshops for school teachers, all with the goal of introducing youngsters to the joys of bird watching. Citizens have shown their support for our ex situ breeding initiative for House Sparrows. In a country like India, where non-governmental conservation remains a problem, we frequently take our guests to such locations so they can better grasp the reality on the ground.

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