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Short-toed Snake Eagle
Cabañeros National Park, the Alcudia Valley and the Sierra Morena are where these can be seen. They generally tend to arrive April to May and leave in September to October.
Little Owl
Scattered about the fields are piles of rocks which the farmers have cleared. These are always excellent vantage points for the diurnal Little Owls that perch on them looking for prey. We know of one pile where 90% of the time they can be seen. Don't get too close, though, or they'll start bobbing up and down and disappear.
Pin-tailed Sandgrouse
During the hot summer months these gather at water holes where they fill their feathers with water for their young. They can be seen on the steppe in the fields or crossing dirt roads looking for water.
Stone Curlew
Watch that rock until it moves - that's how you find Stone Curlews. More easily heard at night due to their shrill calls, during the day in rocky fields it takes a keen eye to spot that big yellow eye hiding amongst the red Manchegan soil.
White-headed Duck
Considered Endangered by the IUCN due to habitat loss and destruction, these comical blue-billed diving ducks can be be observed at any time of the year at close quarters in the Manchegan wetlands.
Booted Eagle
Near our guest house, Casa Oretani, we have a light morph pair that regularly fly over the village. They can also be found on the steppe and Cabañeros National Park as well as the Tablas de Daimiel National Park. They can be found everywhere in fact!
Great Bustard
Nobles of the plains of the Campo de Calatrava Steppe. They really do know how to strut their stuff in their pre-nuptial displays. It's all just a matter of finding where they are impressing the ladies. With our tour, you will not be disappointed.
A year round resident at many of the wetlands, where they can be seen in great numbers. When they take to the wing it is an impressive sight with their outstretched necks and legs and black and pink underwings.
Purple Gallinule
The Purple Gallinules of the Laguna de Navaseca are not shy, in fact they are quite the dandys who love to show off their wonderful iridescence. They are easily seen out of the reed beds feeding, and up to 17 have been seen in a single visit.
Spanish Imperial Eagle
Almost half of the Spanish population of Spanish Imperial Eagles are found in Castilla-la Mancha. Ciudad Real has 83 and Toledo 125 specimens of this once near extinct species. They are regularly seen in Cabañeros National Park and on the steppe area. A resident pair can also be seen flying over our guest house quite regularly. On seeing these examples of a wonderful conservation programme, one feels like taking a bow to their majestic size.

We don’t have any awards for conservation but we still do our bit. Our guest house, Casa Oretani, was built with remarkable insulating properties. We use solar panels to heat water and Aerothermic Heat Pumps for climate control in the house. These machines, which use a renewable resource, are an efficient method of heating the house in the winter and cooling in the summer.

We use local restaurants in small villages which helps provide employment in an area that has seen a large population drain over the years. Our packed lunches use local products and we avoid the use of plastic.

We don’t go where we shouldn’t. The national parks have strict rules regarding access and leaving paths. We respect these rules and ensure our clients do too.

Ultimately, it’s the wildlife that is most important to us. We don’t get too close. We don’t intrude on breeding sites. We don’t use recordings. We respect the environment that we visit. We see it as it should be and leave it as it was – or better if we can take home someone else’s rubbish when we find it.

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