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Birding Hot Spot Cerro Alux

Guatemala 1 Days
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Guatemala City Birding Tour

Guatemala 1 Days
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Birding Hot Spot Tecpán

Guatemala 1 Days
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Birding In The Clouds

Guatemala 1 Days
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Quetzal Trail Birding Tour

Guatemala 3 Days
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Ocellated Turkey
Beautiful and brilliantly colored plumage of green, blue, gold, black and bronze. The head is featherless and the exposed skin is powder-blue, with orange red nodules, you can admire the eye-like tail feathers where it receives it’s name. (Meleagris ocellate)
Horned Guan
Horned Guans move singly, in pairs or family, they are classified as endangered because of the habitat destruction. It is a member of the Cracid family, some taxonomist consider it as a single family species. The Horned Guan is a holy grail of birders. (Oreophasis derbianus)
Pink-headed Warbler
The plumage of males and females is similar. The nesting season ranges from March to May. The nest is a globular structure placed on the ground. Outside the breeding season, Pink-headed Warblers join mixed flocks together with other resident like Crescent-chested Warblers, Oliver Warblers and other.
Azure-rumped Tanager
The species inhabits primarily humid broadleaf forest, but occurs also in shade coffee plantations and other agricultural areas. Nesting is synchronized with the wet season. Feeds on fruit and arthropods. Although locally common, the species is Endangered because of its small range, and severely fragmented prime habitat. (Tangara cabanisi)
Mountain Trogon
Endemic to highland forests of northern Central America, predominantly in western Mexico, is a common resident from 1,200 to 3,500m. Males are metallic green above, with red orbital skin, a black mask and throat, yellow bill, and wing panels with black and white vermiculation, appearing gray. (Trogon Mexicanus)
Yucatan Jay
Is a black and blue Cyanocorax species native to deciduous forests of the Yucatan peninsula and nearby areas of Belize and Guatemala. This beautiful bird is able to be observed in our endemic and one day tours. (Cyanocorax Yucatanicus)
Belted Flycatcher
Belted Flycatcher is a small flycatcher restricted to a small geographic area on the Pacific slope of Central America, from southern Mexico to extreme northwestern El Salvador. This species is considered to be at risk due to ongoing habitat loss within its restricted range. (Xenotriccus callizonus).
White-bellied Chachalaca
Residents of the Pacific slope of Central America from southern Mexico south to western Nicaragua, and we can observe it in our endemic tours as well. (Ortalis leucogastra)
Green-throated Mountain-Gem
Is a beautiful hummingbird of the family Trochilidae, it is found in the pine-oak forest and humid-evergreen. Their beautifull green color shines in an amazing bronzy tone, it is an astonishing endemic that can be observed in our great hotspots (Lampornis viridipallens)
Unicolored Jay
This bird lives in cloud forests, it is native from northwestern Central America to western Honduras. Guatemala is very lucky to be able to observe their beautiful blue color, as it shines in an unforgettable way. (Aphelocoma unicolor)

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