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Gouldian Finch
A wonderfully colourful Grass Finch endemic to the Dry Tropics of Australia. Although reported to be on the decline, the Katherine Region is a stronghold for the species and they often see large flocks of up to 200 individuals.
Hooded Parrot
A slender but strikingly beautiful parrot native only to our region. It is found in savanna and open woodland around Katherine and breeds in local termite mounds.
Purple-crowned Fairywren
Fairywrens are a family endemic to Australia. This particular species (Malurus coronatus coronatus) is an endangered species in the NT which is restricted to the Victoria River District. It is a captivating, active, 'sexually dimorphic' species which we often observe on our tours.
Red Goshawk
Probably the rarest Australian birds of prey found mainly in the savanna woodlands of northern Australia, particularly near the watercourses of our region.
Fresh-water Crocodile
Unlike their much larger Australian relative the saltwater crocodile, freshwater crocodiles are not considered dangerous as man-eaters. ‘Freshies’ are often seen basking riverside on our river trips.
Agile Wallaby
Also known as the River Wallaby, it is a species of wallaby found commonly in northern Australia. Encounters with this animal relaxing under the shade along our rivers are very enjoyable.
Black Wallaroo
A rare species of macropod restricted to the Sandstone areas in the Arnhem Plateau. We are sometimes lucky enough to encounter this robust but elusive Wallaroo on our bushwalks. It classified as near threatened, mostly due to its limited distribution.
Short-eared Rock Wallaby
A special macropod, found in the rocky escarpments throughout the Top End. 3 species inhabit different regions and are always a pleasure to see. Sometimes surprised as we accidently disturb them as they are grooming or looking after young 'joeys'.
Chestnut-quilled Rock-pigeon
A Sandstone endemic of the Arnhem Plateau, Australia. Seen on our walking and scenic tours through Kakadu this species stands like a sentinel of the rugged sandstone formations in the area.
Banded Fruit-dove
A striking pigeon with a white head, neck and upper breast; black back and upper wing grading to grey on rump; black tail with broad grey terminal band; underparts grey, demarcated from white head and neck by broad black band. Seen in the Thickets of the sandstone country.

NT Immersions Is managing and developing a private Conservation reserve, bordering the Nitmiluk National Park in Katherine.

A 2000 acre undeveloped property, undergoing biodiversity mapping and opportunity to protect habitat for nesting bird, reptile and mammal species.

The reserve is currently listed as the Top Ends largest ‘Land For Wildlife’ property and is also signed under a ‘Territory Conservation Agreement’

Property name VanaLena Conservation Reserve.

  • Epic 10 days
    Australian Tropical Savanna Wildlife ‘n’ Nature Tour, Northern Territory
    Rod3 Jul 2019
    From the unforgettable scenery to the abundant wildlife this is an adventure not to be missed! With our amazing guide we covered Kakadu through Katherine to the Kimberly with everything catered for. If you enjoy small group touring with that personal touch and knowledge a quality guide provides this trip is for you.
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