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Santa Marta Endemic Mountains Birding Tour, Colombia

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Colombia 7 Days
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Antioquia Brushfinch
After 47 years of no evidence on the field of this enigmatic bird, miracles exist and the last year it suddenly showed up in a municipality near Medellín city: San Pedro de Los Milagros “San Peter of Miracles”. this is one of the rarest birds in Colombia, endemic to the country and very threatened. you can have the opportunity to meet it on our three Andean birding tour. You deserve to enjoy it!
Chestnut capped Piha
Restricted to only some locations on the northern part of central Andes, this species was described some years ago, endemic to Colombia, critically endangered; it is a mysterious bird of forest, not (is it or not – check with them) common on its area of distribution; come along with us, we happily we know where to find it!
Gold-ringed Tanager
One of the most sought after birds in Colombia, this Tanager is a spectacular and lovely bird endemic to the country, this pretty bird really steals the attention of birders who fell in love in front its presence. One of the advantages when looking for this bird is the chance to meet other specialties of the Choco bio-region. Come and fell in love with this !
Santa Marta Parakeet
This endemic bird can be only found in the Santa Marta mountains in the north coast of Colombia, very localised, it used to move on noisy groups as other parakeets, when looking for it, you have the reward of meet many other endemic birds of this mountains which gives you an extra motivation to wanted look for it.
White-mantled Barbet
An excellent endemic representative bird of the middle Magdalena river valley area in Colombia, it is one of our targets when visiting this zone in the country. Barbets are always a pleasure to observe and specially this one doing a duet to vocalise!
Cauca Guan
Few populations of this endemic bird persist on some locations on the western and eastern slopes surrounding the middle part of Cauca river valley in Colombia, luckily the used to be on groups easily spotted when you know their location. We can take you to meet this endangered bird in the country!
Crested Ant-Tanager
This endemic bird to Colombia used to spend its time in the humid forest of foothills on the Andes, although no common, it enjoys being near creeks; exhibiting its ornate crest. Undergo gratifying moments when you meet this beautiful bird along with us!
Red-bellied Grackle
A sociable bird endemic to Colombia; noisy and happy groups move through forest whistling around helping to localize their position; there is an easy place near Medellín city where we can have very nice views is this charismatic bird. Come with us and join the Red-bellied Grackle flock!
Guianan Cock-of-the-Rock
Another iconic bird! This spectacular species can be found in the Amazon rainforests in the eastern part of the country, inhabiting the feet of the Tepuis, its intense orange colour creates an epic experience once you have the opportunity to meet it. Our Tribal Tour to Mitú-Vaupés in the Amazon region of Colombia offers this unique opportunity to enjoy this mythical bird.
Silver-brown Tamarin
This endemic Colombian species is highly threatened by the decrease of its habitat and the illegal wild traffic. They are found between Magdalena and Cauca river foothills. They are very curious when you meet them. This charismatic Tamarin can be spotted during our tours in the Magdalena Valley along with howler monkeys.

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  • Santa Marta Endemic Mountains Birding Tour, Colombia
    Carl Matthies10 Jan 2020
    This was an amazing week of birding! Just remember to pack some mosquito spray and your sense of adventure. I, my wife, and our son were guided by Edwin Acevedo on this trip to northern Colombia. Edwin was an outstanding guide. Knowledgeable, intrepid, amiable, and very attentive to our needs. Edwin's passion for his country and its wildlife is infectious. We learned so much, not just about its avifauna, but about its geography, culture, politics, everything. Our son has by far the most potential to be a "hardcore birder" (better eyes, ears, memory), and Edwin went to great lengths to make sure that he got to see the birds he was most keen to see. We all ended up seeing more than a hundred new species of birds on the trip, thanks to Edwin's taking us to some unique (and difficult to access!) places, and his great patience. We hope we'll have the opportunity to link up with Edwin again for another fabulous birding tour!
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