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Birding Manu Biosphere

Peru 12 Days
Starting From USD 4,595 / per person
Starting From USD 450 / per person
Starting From USD 195 / per person

Birding Northern Peru

Peru 16 Days
Starting From USD 3,595 / per person
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Marvelous Spatuletail
This marvellous hummingbird can be seen in north Peru. Usually give as an extension to a tour from Manu or other tour from southern Peru. Loddigesia mirabilis
King Vulture
It is pivotal that in order to photograph these special creatures (plus other Vultures) every participant must hide so at Manu Birding Lodge this is implemented. Sarcoramphus papa
Pavonine Quetzal
At Quetzal trail there are chances to see this beautiful species. Especially at Manu Birding Lodge with over 532 bird species. Pharomachrus pavoninus
Humboldt Penguin
This wonderful species is situated just one hour south of Lima at Pucusana fishing port; there is a fantastic opportunity to both see and photograph. This occurs before a flight to Cusco or an international flight. Spheniscus humboldti
Andean Condor
This enigmatic bird of prey species can be seen at the Condor valley of Cusco. This is offered in a full day tour which provides a fantastic opportunity to see such genus vulture. Vultur gryphus
Andean Cock-of-the-rock
The national bird of Peru, the Andean Cock-of-the-rock. With incredible chances to see and photograph at Manu cloud forest; a hide is used to enjoy very close this lovely species. Rupicola peruvianus
Red-and-green Macaw
The first biggest macaw from Peru, great chances to see and photograph at the Macaw Clay Licks which is nearby Manu Birding Lodge. Ara chloropterus
Festive Coquette
A rare species in Peru, but easy to see and photograph in the hummingbird garden alongside 23 other species in Manu Birding Lodge. Lophornis chalybeus
Orinoco Goose
This species is rare and is found in south east of Peru only in remote areas like Manu. Often frequently seen along the Madre de Dios river nearby Manu Birding Lodge. Oressochen jubatus
Horned Screamer
One of the target species with a great opportunity to see and photograph at the Oxbow lakes and along the river sand bars. Anhima cornuta

Asociación Green Tours is a non-profit organisation committed to the conservation of nature and the wellbeing of the people living in the natural areas where Green Tours regularly runs its birding tours within Peru.

After several years of professional tourism operation in every corner of Peru, our founders and employees of Green Tours felt that it was time to increase the level of commitment and responsibility with the local people living in natural areas where the company was working. Indeed, the non-profit organisation model is helping Green Tours to improve its strategies for nature conservation, environmental education, enhancement of tourism services, and improving the dynamism of small local economies.

Conservation projects

Peruvian Plantcutter conservation project. An important project in west-northern Peru for the conservation of the habitat of the Peruvian Plantcutter, a Peruvian endemic bird restricted to the dry forests of the Pacific coast of northern Peru. The project is led by Peruvian-British conservationist Jeremy Flanagan. Green Tours have been helping Jeremy since 2017 with the production of mesquite tree seedlings and other native species used to repopulate degraded areas of the forests.

Arena Blanca Conservation Area. This is a private conservation initiative located near the small town of Aguas Verdes, in the San Martin department in northeast Peru. The property, 12 hectares of white sand forest, belongs to Norbil Becerra and his family. After three years of hard work, Norbil has positioned Arena Blanca as a major birding hotspot in northern Peru. Norbil Becerra has hummingbird feeders visited by more than twenty species, and a Tinamou feeder visited by at least two species of Tinamous and one species of Wood-Quail. Since the number of birders visiting the area is increasing year after year, Asociación Green Tours is helping Norbil with some aspects of his accounting and improving the quality of the services he is offering to the visitors.

El Rejo Conservation Area. A family-owned patch of about 30 hectares of mountain humid forests above the Río Marañon valley. In 2017, a team from Green Tours visited the area and discovered what could be very important populations of the very rare Cajamarca sub-species of Rufous Antpitta and the also rare Jelski’s Chat-Tyrant. The owners are already improving the entrance road and the trails inside the property, and are very keen to establish a formal nature reserve.

Loma de las Perdices Conservation Area. This is a former agricultural land nowadays dedicated to the conservation of the characteristic vegetation of the Río Marañon valley. The property is located near the town of San Marcos, in the Cajamarca department in northern Peru. The whole area is known for its population of the endangered Chestnut-backed Thornbird, but in the conservation area, Green Tours had identified another four endemic species of birds: Buff-bridle Inca-Finch, Black-throated Woodpecker, Marañon Gnatchatcher, and White-rumped Black-Tyrant. Currently, Asociación Green Tours is working on improving the access road, and planning to buy more land to increase the surface of the protected area.

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