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Giant river otter
Is the largest Mustelidae and lives in the lake of the Amazon. It can be seen in Manu Wildlife Center, Manu Park Wildlife Center, Sandoval Lake Lodge or Heath River Wildlife Center. The giant river otter was previously endangered species due to the intense hunting for its fur.
Brazilian tapir
The largest mammal in South America which can be found in Manu Wildlife Center, Heath River Wildlife Center. In the Manu Wildlife Center you can find a hide with mats and mosquito nets for visitors to wait comfortably for tapirs.
Spider monkey
In any of the lodges of InkaNatura Travel 11 different species of monkeys can be seen, though the Spider Monkey can be seen mainly in Manu Wildlife Center, Manu, and Heath River Wildlife Center.
Macaw parrots
One of the best observation of macaw parrots are made in the Macaw clay lick within the Manu Wildlife Center, Heath River Wildlife Center. There are 19 species of macaws, including extinct and critically endangered species. Visitors will be able to find scarlet macaws, blue and yellow macaws, red and green macaw.
The magnificent Jaguar can be seen in Manu, Heath River Wildlife Center. The jaguar is the largest cat in the Americas and has a compact body, a broad head and powerful jaws. Its coat is normally yellow and tan, but the colour can vary from reddish brown to black.
Andean cock-of-the-rock
The unique Andean cock-of-the-rock is the national bird of Peru. You can find them in Cock of the Rock Lodge primarily feeding on fruits and berries.
Woolly monkey
This beautiful specie that can only be seen in Manu and Cock of the Rock Lodge.They usually reside in high-elevation cloud forests and seasonally flooded rainforests. The species lives in social groups ranging from 10-45 individuals.
Versicoloured barbet
Is a very colorful bird that can be seen in Cock of the Rock Lodge and is part of the flock mix seen at the Cock of the Rock Lodge.
Spectacled bear
The spectacled bear is a mid-sized species of bear. Overall, its fur is blackish in color, though bears may vary from jet black to dark brown and to even a reddish hue.
Maned Wolf
The maned wolf stands about three feet tall at the shoulder and weighs about 50 pounds. The maned wolf inhabits open forest, savanna, and marshland. This is a very elusive seen in the Pampas of Heath.

InkaNatura Travel is part of Peru Verde’s overall conservation strategy to protect the country’s unique cultural and biological diversity. InkaNatura Travel contributes heavily to the maintenance of national parks, reserves, and archaeological sites within Peru.

Peru Verde is experimenting with different ecotourism business models business including lodges which are 100% owned by nonprofit conservation groups to mixed ventures between nonprofit and local clans or families though marketed by Peru Verde’s travel agencies.

Inkanatura Travel is the only nonprofit group in Peru that owns for-profit travel agencies or tour operators like InkaNatura Travel. The only conservation object of these agencies is to generate wildlife tourism to Peru. All of Peru Verde’s profits from these eco-lodges are used entirely in conservation work.

InkaNatura’s mission is to provide the best-customised wildlife experience in Peru. Inkanatura Travel guarantees professional and personalised customer care by our highly motivated team.

Inkanatura Travel also has a macaw clay lick project in Manu Wildlife Center. This specific project consists of placing artificial nests in areas affected by deforestation and illegal logging, therefore, compensating the lack of natural spaces for nesting. For several years this work has been performed with very successful results. Currently, field monitoring allows InkaNatura Travel to evidence the repeated use of these nests by different couples of macaws.

The population of Scarlet Macaw is recovering by hanging artificial nests, and enabling a wall of the earth so the future will become a Macaw clay lick. Tourists can see what is done in this Project at MWC.

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